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Monitoring of tranking communication distributors in Tashkent (30.11.01)
The results of monitoring on tranking communication distributors
in Tashkent

In October November, 2001 "Favorit-Inform" Ltd. (IMC "Tashkent-Moscow") conducted monitoring of trank communication distributors in Tashkent city. There are about 20 companies providing delivery, construction, starting-up and adjustment, as well as servicing of radiosystems established on Protocol SmarTrunk II. Most of them are Joint Ventures or Limited Liability companies. Almost all companies are interested in getting payment for their deliveries in USD, although each of them has developed payment systems in Uzbek Soums. Most of the companies are engaged only in equipment delivery, and only some of them can provide really professional starting-up, adjustment and servicing of the systems. The following companies are to be distinguished among the most professional market participants: "Viol", "Intermicro", "TBS Inform" and "Kvant Communications" etc.

Most of the equipment sellers are certified distributors of such manufacturers as "Motorola", "Standard", "Kenwood", "Alinco" etc. As a rule, distributors offer only one certain kind of the equipment, but there are exceptions. For example, joint venture "Kvant Communications" offers the equipment produced by "Alinco" as well as by "Motorola". You can also choose stations of various manufacturers in some other firms. The widest range of mobile stations is provided by the company "Asian Systems Communications".

The most exhaustive information on tranking communication systems SmarTrunk II consumers can get in firm "Viol" the experts of which prepared special brochure for its clients. This brochure clearly tells about the essence of tranking communication as well as maintains FAQ (frequently asked questions). Except for the brochure, together with commercial proposal the list of the required works for construction of a tranking communication. Systems is also provided for the customer. The copy of this list (with painted over "Viol") can also be received and in "Trunk Vek Service".

Very difficult to get the required information for the client in Ahborot Teh Informatika" and "TBS Inform". Most likely, in "TBS Inform" inaccessibility information is dictated by the general concept of the approach to the client. Potential client is required firstly to fill in the technical assignment with the help of company experts. In "Ahborot Teh Informatika" the managers do not have enough time to satisfy all the needs of the clients, including getting commercial proposals.

It is relatively easy to get information in companies "Intermicro", "Host", "Kvant Communications", "Telco", "Kuyosh Tulkin Savdo".

The most professional approach to construction of communication systems of is available in firms "Intermicro", "Kvant Communications" and "TBS Inform". In "Intermicro" we were frankly explained that offered scheme of three-channel tranking communication will not provide stable communication within territory of Tashkent city, although its stability was guaranteed in other firms.

The only "Kvant Communications" advertises its services in press ("Pravda Vostoka", "Arguments and facts") among all tranking communication systems suppliers. The other firms distribute posters and brochures of manufacturers in their offices.

On a general impression of suppliers offices (interior and working conditions) "Viol" and "Intermicro" are the top companies, where it is possible to feel personnel expertise and specialization in tranking communication. Other offices (for example, "Kuyosh Tulkin Savdo" or "Host") impressed of some neglect and uncertainty of work assignments. The office premise of firm " Kvant " located on the territory of factory "Tashtekstilmash" and its shop leave to wish much better - access through checkpoint and workshop of the factory is inconvenient, and a shop in a cellar, despite of recently completed repairs, reminds a shop on trade of old radio components. Office of "TBS Inform" takes into account all requirements of its owner (such as surveillance systems), not of its customer.

Here are provided some opinions of competitive firms on each other. "Kuyosh Tulkin Savdo thinks that Host has some problems with supplies. "Intermicro" thinks that Viol" has a good trade turnover, despite of high prices. In firm "Viol" its experts mentioned that they had to serve several times the systems incorrectly constructed by experts of "Host".

The highest prices for delivery and services are requsted in joint venture "Kvant Communications" (up to 50 % out of the contract amount), and the lowest (up to 6 %) - in joint venture "Telco". However, it is necessary to take into account that fact, that the price for services substantially depends on accounting mechanisms of equipment postings as well as customs procedures.

The largest delivery terms are in "Host" (up to 7 weeks), other companies work with relatively equal delivery terms.

In general, the market tranking communication equipment and services Smart Trunk II in Tashkent can be characterized as developing at an average rates. The competition level is moderate. Despite of specific high prices of the equipment, the demand on tranking systems is always exists (mainly provided by force structures). Also the maintenance of established systems generate active services trade. Currently a wide range of these systems is present at the market. Many sellers work as official certified distributors of the reliable and famous manufacturing companies. Local manufacture of stations under the license of company " Motorola " is developed. The firms offering their services have a serious enough and professional approaches.
In general, there is a choice what buy and where to go for those who would like to purchase a tranking communication system.

Timur Ablaev, IMC "Tashkent - Moscow"

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