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Resources of business partnership
Economic magazine " business - courier ", heading: MARKETING


In any direction of activity of structures of support of business practically always there is quite certain information component. Moreover, many organizations have the certain volume of the information potentially interesting and support useful to the purposes of business. Certainly, information support is called to help the businessman with reception of the qualitative, authentic and truthful information. We offer our readers to familiarize with experience of the Russian colleagues and to begin search of the partner in "network" of System MMTS (the Inter-regional Marketing Centres).

Guarantee of the exact information
The system of the Inter-regional marketing centres which initiator of creation was the government of Moscow, has turned to well claimed structure. And today she(it) already covers 62 regions of Russia. Nevertheless, the founder of System MMTS - the Moscow fund of support of MT has addressed in the government of Moscow with the project on the further perfection of the given centres. Than it is caused?
The project head "System MMTS" Elena Emel'janova tells:
- The new project is directed not on the further global expansion, and on maintenance of reliable, extreme precise work in all parts, as the main problem(task) of System - operative monitoring of the market on the basis of constant escalating and updating of information resources, including due to its(her) presence at the Internet. And here the highly skilled experts owning modern, so, constantly updated techniques are extremely important.
Subject special cares there is an expansion of System MMTS for limits of the Russian Federation though originally such problem(task) was not put. But when we have created the site in the Internet and about us have learned(found out) abroad, in the Mayoralty of Moscow inquiries and offers on cooperation from many foreign firms and the companies began to act. And then self has arisen necessity of an output(exit) of System on the international market, but without global expansion as at too big number of participants the System can become uncontrollable and loses stability.
But nevertheless we have already increased the centres in Estonia, Minsk, Tashkent and Dusseldorf. And, for example, in Italy functions of our centre were undertaken by company " MONDIPRESA " which now on the basis of ours 13 regional centres creates the information bridge with Rome, studies opportunities of creation of joint ventures. Now in a stage of the coordination a question of creation of the similar centres in Kiev, Astana and Baku.
Main our problem(task) - to make business by more effective to help businessmen and Moscow, and Russia to adjust numerous partner communications(connections), cooperating the opportunities.

In System MMTS
In capital of republic of the beginnings to work the Inter-regional marketing centre "Tashkent - Moscow" which founder became Russian - Uzbek joint venture " Favorite Inform " and "Uzinkomtsentr" at the Ministry of external economic relations of Republic of Uzbekistan.
And all began with the regional marketing centre " Favorite Inform ", called to unit activity of the marketing centres in all regions of Uzbekistan which has acted in a role of the head coordination centre. RMTS " Favorite Inform " pursued practically the same purposes, as System MMTS. So transformation of the regional marketing centre working in an area of republic, into the inter-regional centre covering space of the countries of the CIS, Baltic, Czechoslovakia, Germany and Spain - was a question of his(its) successful development. We shall note, that he(it) carries already out(already spends) marketing researches of the markets of the outdoor advertising, soft drinks, food stuffs etc.
In opinion of general director MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow" Timura Ablaeva, demand for marketing services in our republic constantly grows also potential of the local market in this sense is great enough. Becoming 62-nd centre under the account and a first signs of the Asian countries in System MMTS, it(he) is formed the cook a society with limited liability on the basis of the bilateral frame agreement with Russian Joint-Stock Company MMTS " Moscow ". The given agreement means active participation of the marketing centre in information interchange with other participants of System MMTS, conducting and maintenance of databases in a format of the uniform standard.
Taking into account dynamical integration of Uzbekistan in the world community, it is the extremely important to have today such structure, capable to become(begin) coordinating factor in inter-regional dialogue of businessmen and manufacturers of the most different levels. Such centre also will be MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow" in which always it is possible to address on ph. 173-28-71 or on E-mail

Liane To

"Business - courier", July, - August 2001

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