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Whether " Favourably to trade in Siberia? " - so the note in "BVV", № 14 from April, 5, 2001 about start of the second stage of realization of the project " Adjustment of private(individual) microexport sel'hozproduktsii ", carried out referred to with assistance of Institute the Open Society - Fund of Assistance (Fund Sorosa) and at information support of the newspaper " the Business - bulletin of the East ". So the general director of the Inter-regional marketing centre "Omsk - Moscow" Vladimir Baranov when speech comes about adjustment of trade and economic and other business ties considers.
Let's remind, the first stage of the project passed in Moscow where opportunities for expansion of private(individual) export agroproduktsii the Uzbek manufacturers were studied. Results appeared quite encouraging. However the second stage meaning trip to Omsk - the largest city of Western Siberia, - appeared more productive and perspective. It is favourable to Uzbekistan to trade with Western Siberia on many parameters. It was found out not only during research of a conjuncture of a supply and demand in the food markets of Omsk, but also during negotiations with representatives of regional and city administrations, commercial structures and business press of city of Omsk. We offer to familiarize with their opinions on questions of adjustment and development of more effective foreign trade cooperation between Uzbekistan and Western Siberia.

Victor BAZHENOV, the chairman of Committee of foreign economic relations of administration of Omsk area:
- Me surprises, that such rich country, as Uzbekistan which has powerful industrial and agrarian potential so it is poorly submitted in the market of Omsk area and Zapadno-Siberian region as a whole. It is possible to concern from the various points of view to disintegration of the former economic communications(connections), to initial mass aspiration of the young states of the postSoviet space to adjustment and expansion of trade and economic relations with the countries of distant foreign countries. It was typically practically for all countries of the CIS, including for Russia and Uzbekistan. However was also two-three years of the state independence, independent external economic and foreign trade activity of the countries of the CIS for comprehension of enough that in the markets of the countries of distant foreign countries of us with open arms did not wait. Both Russia, and Uzbekistan was opened with wide roads on the markets to exporters of distant foreign countries, and there we could (more truly, to us have indulgently allowed) to lay only narrow footpaths, and that, basically, for deliveries of energy carriers and a mineral'no-source of raw materials. I know also what even high-quality fruit-and-vegetable production of Uzbekistan is very avariciously passed(missed) on the markets of the countries of distant foreign countries. And it that the markets of Omsk area and of some other Russian regions are completely open for the broadest assortment agroproduktsii Uzbekistan.
If I have correctly understood, the project " Adjustment of private(individual) microexport sel'hozproduktsii " means expansion of standard items from Uzbekistan on the markets of the Russian regions. Unequivocally I declare, that such project will be maintained by administration of Omsk area, and our Committee of external economic relations renders organizational assistance at all stages of practical realization of the project in territory of Omsk and Omsk area. But it seems to me, that the project will be viable and effective enough only in the event that it(he) will be maintained by the appropriate state departments of your republic. Between Uzbekistan and Russia there are problems on financial vzaimoraschetam. And it very much brakes development of equal in rights and mutually advantageous cooperation between the enterprises, commercial structures and businessmen of two countries.
Frankly I shall tell, I a gourmet: I love juicy fruit and natural fruit-and-vegetable juices. At me pleasant memoirs on abundance of fruit and vegetables, a grapes, water-melons and melons, east sweets on the Uzbek markets were kept. However, then and in Omsk there were no problems with deliveries of fruit-and-vegetable production from Uzbekistan. Therefore I very much would like to hope, that Uzbekistan again will borrow(occupy) the counters in food shops and in the markets of Omsk area. It is possible and necessary to make.

Igor MIHAJLOV, the head of department of an industrial policy(politics) and development of business of administration of city of Omsk:

- Truly, our city requires stable deliveries high-quality fresh and advanced food agroproduktsii, including from Uzbekistan which in the former years was the largest supplier of vegetables and fruit, a grapes and bahchevyh cultures to Western Siberia. Clearly and that realization of the project " Adjustment of private(individual) microexport sel'hozproduktsii " is aimed at increase of number of the Uzbek exporters and dealers agroproduktsii. But our city and Omsk area require much the big standard items of fruit-and-vegetable production which could be processed and on canneries of our region. That is alongside with private(individual) "microexport" deliveries it is necessary to adjust carload deliveries on a constant basis. Thus it is not excluded, and delivery Uzbek agroproduktsii in the advanced kind (natural juices, jam, jam, jams, compotes, tomato paste, vegetable and fruit concentrates), on the contrary, is supported. I think, and advanced agroproduktsija the Uzbek manufacture has high competitiveness. There is also other variant: creation of the joint Russian - Uzbek enterprises both commercial, and industrial. And not only in agroindustrial sector, but also in other branches in which there is a mutual interest to cooperation.
Trade should be mutually advantageous. In our city and Omsk area there are many the industrial enterprises making the extensive nomenclature of the process equipment, engineering, completing, the various industrial goods. It is sure, that many of our goods it is not worse than that are made in the countries of distant foreign countries. For certain some of the industrial goods of Omsk manufacture could cause a heightened interest the Uzbek consumers. I have in a kind, that, having sold the agroproduktsiju in Omsk, uzbekistantsy could spend a part of proceeds for purchase of the goods necessary to them as in retail trade, and wholesale parties(sets) from bases or is direct on enterprises - manufacturers. Indoubtedly, such system of mutual trade would cause a public resonance favorable for Uzbekistan in our city and would stimulate improvement of a mode of preference for deliveries of Uzbek production on the part of regional and city administrations.

Marina INJUTINA, the editor of magazine " maximum " (Omsk):

- My opinion: practical realization of the project " Adjustment of private(individual) microexport sel'hozproduktsii " has actual value not only for rural workers and businessmen of Uzbekistan, but also for Omsk area, and all Western Siberia. If you have visited Omsk food shops have for certain noticed, that deficiency in food stuffs and for our townspeople is not present fruit-and-vegetable production. But the prices for them very high and obviously inaccessible to overwhelming majority of potential consumers. Many fruit are delivered from the countries of distant foreign countries. It their high price also speaks. At them the attractive packaging, but on flavouring qualities the Uzbek fruit is not worse and in many cases it is better. Personally I like the Uzbek dried fruits, water-melons, melons, a grapes, peaches. Besides now spring - critical is time, when at people famine on vitamins is felt, on I skin greens. Yes, last years in Omsk area hotbed facilities(economy) have appeared many, but they small on the area, take away a lot of thermal energy. That is the cost price vyrashchivaemoj in them greens is rather high, that is reflected and in a high gain of retail prices. The increase of deliveries Uzbek food agroproduktsii even will allow to lower on 10-20 percents retail prices in the Omsk markets. Certainly, thus the competition, but this natural phenomenon for market economy appreciablly will become aggravated. And I am sure, that Uzbek agroproduktsija will not lose in this competition, certainly, provided that the management(manual) of your republic will appear all-round assistance to export of fruit-and-vegetable production (both fresh, and advanced) by granting significant privileges and preferentsy as it is done(made) in many foreign countries.
Separately I want to admit and that I and much my familiar very much like the Uzbek kitchen. For example, very much I like plov and rather frequently I am on one of the Omsk markets where the Uzbek kitchen is not bad submitted. By the way, the sphere of public catering in Omsk leaves to wish much the best. That is it is one more extensive niche with which even the Uzbek businessmen with the Omsk partners in part could borrow(occupy). And our magazine " maximum " could render in it, as well as under the project " Adjustment of private(individual) microexport sel'hozproduktsii ", active information assistance.

Valery PARADEEV, Cand.Tech.Sci., the general director of proizvodstvenno-commercial association "Sibtehtsentr

- I for a long time know, that Uzbekistan has powerful agrarian potential. I have in a kind not only a clap(cotton), but also fruit-and-vegetable production. And those melkooptovye deliveries Uzbek agroproduktsii which are realized on " by Omsk a supply ", is, excuse, mizer. Truly, it is necessary to encourage and private(individual) microexport sel'hozproduktsii, but our region can "absorb" Uzbek agroproduktsiju the whole cars and echelons. Significant volumes of fruits and vegetables could be processed on our canneries in view of consumer inquiries of the population of Western Siberia, needs(requirements) of the food and confectionery industry, and also public catering establishments.
Periodically from commercial structures of Uzbekistan business offers act. But, as a rule, is farther than the report on intentions put does not promote. Frankly speaking, with the Uzbek partners it is difficult to work, for in your republic essential restrictions and complexities on converting currencies are still kept. In Russia such problems are not present. Certainly, give the God that your project appeared successful and has developed into scales of large and stable deliveries Uzbek agroproduktsii on the markets of Western Siberia. In that case seriously it is possible to think, for example, of creation of the large Russian - Uzbek joint venture of agroindustrial specialization in which could participate and the capital of our association.

Galina SHARAFUTDINOVA, the deputy chief of management of the consumer market and services of administration of city of Omsk:
- In Soviet times for the markets of our city and Omsk area acted a lot of fresh and advanced sel'hozproduktsii from lines of areas of Uzbekistan. I remember, especially large standard items agroproduktsii to Omsk were carried out(spent) with the Samarkand area. To present time - and I note it with the deepest regret - system of wholesale deliveries sel'hozproduktsii and other goods (including industrial) is completely destroyed. Omsk bases of storage fresh and advanced (sublimirovannoj and tinned) to fruit-and-vegetable production are now loaded interests on 10-20 from the cumulative capacities, and in this small volume of loading the Uzbek production borrows(occupies), directly we shall tell, very modest share.
Yes, in our city operates melkooptovyj agricultural market " Omsk supply ". But there there are no specially equipped warehouse. And it means, that in frosty weather and in years(summer) heat (a climate in Omsk and adjoining areas sharply continental, with sharp differences of temperatures) fresh fruit-and-vegetable production hopelessly spoils. It is not necessary to forget and about other settlements of Omsk area in which in general many years do not see Uzbek agroproduktsiju. Certainly, in present conditions (I have in a kind both a normativno-legal climate, and a specific currency policy(politics) of Uzbekistan) for agroproizvoditelej your republic melkooptovye deliveries look more attractively and are more profitable. And time so it is necessary to support and such microexport sel'hozproduktsii to expand quantity(amount) of his(its) participants. But it is necessary to note and that at microexport for each of his(its) participants rather high there are transport and other costs which then are pawned in the price of realization agroproduktsii. Hence, it is necessary to become thoughtfull about such form, as cooperation of manufacturers and microexporters of Uzbek fruit-and-vegetable production. If now each of microexporters independently brings and trades in the agroproduktsiej in volumes of 100-500 kgs (such on " Omsk a supply " totals about hundred person) at cooperation trading interests, we admit(allow), agroproizvoditelej one trusted person could represent ten Uzbekistan. At such system transport, customs, warehouse and other costs are reduced. Besides thus repeatedly it is possible to increase quantity(amount) agroproizvoditelej Uzbekistan which production will be delivered by private(individual) export to Omsk area. And not only in our area.
Taking into account geographical affinity of Omsk (in comparison with other cities of the Russian Federation) to Uzbekistan, our city could become, as it was the last years, "advanced post" or large transit base for reception and realization agroproduktsii Uzbekistan on all Western Siberia. In this case speech should go about tens thousand tons agroproduktsii and many millions dollars of the income for agroproizvoditelej and the state budget of Uzbekistan. And it is so obvious, that it would be time to operate already.

Jury GALIMOV talked.

Weekly journal " the Business - bulletin of the East " № 17 from April, 26 2001г.

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