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So the general director of the Inter-regional marketing centre "Omsk - Moscow" Vladimir Baranov when speech comes about adjustment of trade and economic and other business ties considers.
And it has once again proved to be true during the second stage of realization of the project " Adjustment of private(individual) microexport sel'hozproduktsii ". We shall remind, this project has started with assistance of Institute the Open Society - Fund of the Assistance working in Tashkent under aegis of Fund Sorosa. And all-round and active information support on realization of this project at all stages the newspaper renders " the Business - bulletin of the East ".
Essence of the project - rendering of information, marketing, legal and organizational assistance to rural workers of Uzbekistan (from a contingent of owners dehkanskih, farms and personal personal plots) for sale brought up by them sel'hozproduktsii in the markets of the Russian cities. In quality of " pilot routes " project for trading trips Moscow and Omsk were elected.
Week trip to the Russian capital was held in middle of March, and trip to Omsk - in first half of April of this year. If to judge results of these trips on Moscow they can be named useful and quite satisfactory. But let the Moscow partners of this project do not take offence, trip to Omsk appeared more useful and productive. And in this connection it would be desirable to express on behalf of edition of " the Business - bulletin of the East " special gratitude to general director MMTS "Omsk - Moscow" to Vladimir Baranovu for his(its) active help during realization of the project in city of Omsk. We believe, that interview to it(him) appears useful to our readers.
- Vladimir Vladimirovich, we met you in Moscow in March of this year. Then you have learned(found out) about the purposes of the project " Adjustment of private(individual) microexport sel'hozproduktsii ". What your opinion on a level of expediency of this project and his(its) practical advantage(benefit)?
- This project is useful already to that is aimed at restoration and expansion of trading communications(connections) between Uzbekistan and Russia at a private(an individual) level. Really, there was a paradoxical situation. In Soviet times scales of private trade Uzbek agroproizvoditelej in the Russian cities were repeatedly more, than now. And you see in those times the official ideology negatively concerned to business and the private(individual) commercial initiative. Now we like already would go to market attitudes(relations) at which are legislatively encouraged business, commerce and the private(individual) initiative. But this encouragement on many vectors for some reason becomes isolated limits of this or that state of the postSoviet space.
In trade relations between the countries of the CIS the set of barriers which in former years was not has appeared. It is remarkable, however, as unequivocal official interdictions on foreign trade in the countries of the CIS too are not present. Hence, problems consist in finding legal opportunities for overcoming existing foreign trade barriers, and also in cleaning(removing) those barriers which cause obvious damage to development of equal in rights and mutually advantageous trading and economic communications(connections) between legal and physical persons of the states of Commonwealth.
By the way, one of barriers is a deficiency of the authentic and operatively transmitted information. This remark to the full concerns and to sphere of the foreign trade communications(connections) between private(individual) structures of the countries of the CIS. Trading trips on routes of your project carry, we shall speak, "prospecting" character. And you have correctly made, that during preparation of the project collected the preliminary information on a conjuncture and rules of trade in the Russian food markets, and then have addressed for assistance in International system MMTS (the inter-regional marketing centres). And, I believe, were not disappointed.
- Opposite, that information which I have received before start of the project in the Inter-regional marketing centre "Tashkent - Moscow", appeared rather useful. By the way, in our newspaper about MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow" and system which includes this centre, it was already informed. And if I have correctly understood, the same international system includes and MMTS "Omsk - Moscow"?
- Yes, our centre is included into International system MMTS. This system is created on the basis of inter-regional agreements of the government of Moscow with administrations and the governments of subjects of the Russian Federation under aegis of the Moscow fund of support of small business. Then similar agreements on creation MMTS began to consist with official and enterprise structures of the countries of the CIS and the states of distant foreign countries. To present time it is created already 62 centres which are included in International system MMTS. All of them operate in uniform methodical and technological standards, representing in aggregate something like uniform virtually informatsionno-marketing organism.
For example, through our partner MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow" businessmen of Uzbekistan can order and receive in MMTS "Omsk - Moscow" the various information (including help, normativno-legal, price, adresno-rekvizitnuju, exchange, financial etc.) over Omsk, Omsk area, and all Zapadno-Siberian region. We admit(allow), after end of an Omsk stage of your project " Adjustment of private(individual) microexport sel'hozproduktsii " our centre weekly is ready to transfer by e-mail to address of MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow" the data on a conjuncture of a supply and demand, and also on the prices for various kinds of fruit-and-vegetable production (certainly which is raised in Uzbekistan), usual on the markets of Omsk in the certain period of time.
Moreover, if there is an interest our centre also on a regular basis can transfer the information on an industrial output and the goods of the various nomenclature groups made and exported by the enterprises of Omsk area to Tashkent. Thus, at the request of clients, it is possible to transfer the developed(unwrapped) characteristics of the concrete goods and the enterprise which is engaged in his(its) manufacture. Probably, there is an interest to creation of joint venture in any concrete branch of economy or commerce. In this case the centre can find suitable partners in the region and to give the appropriate legal consultations.
I think, that regular should be and an exchange of business offers between potential partners of Uzbekistan and Omsk area. And in this case there would be very effective an advertising - information cooperation between business papers of Uzbekistan and Western Siberia. In the same channel of cooperation it would be possible to adjust and a regular exchange of business papers. In a word, a field for informatsionno-marketing cooperation at MMTS "Omsk - Moscow" very wide. We shall master?
- It is necessary to master, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Thank you for conversation and for that active assistance which you rendered during realization of our project in your city. Saying goodbye, I speak: good-bye.

Jury GALIMOV talked.

Weekly journal " the Business - bulletin of the East " 16 from April, 19 2001.

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