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BUSINESS NETWORK: features of the organization of resources in рунете
Weekly journal " the Business - bulletin of the East " a heading: SYSTEM MMTS


As about electronic commerce does not write today only lazy to bypass undeserved silence such fashionable theme as business in the Internet, it would be simply guilty. As System MMTS actively and rather successfully works in this sphere. Acting level with the International bureau under the Information and telecommunications the real partner of National Business Partnership " Alliance Media ", System MMTS has turned out considerable own experience of application of information technologies of support of business. Also it is ready to share this knowledge. By virtue of that the most part of on-line life of System MMTS passes in so-called Runete - Russian-speaking " lomte a pie " with the name the Internet, it will be expedient to begin our dialogue with conversation that the Russian part of the Worldnet represents. System administrator MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow" tells about features of the organization of resources in Runete Vadim KOGAJ.
The major achievement of present time became broadest use of a network the Internet as the uniform informatsionno-telecommunication environment and its(her) basic service - the world wide Web (World Wide Web - WWW), access to which is possible(probable) with the help of the unified program - a browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator).
It agrees to the data of research of company Telcordia Technologies (, number hostov in the Internet now has exceeded 100 million, and the quantity(amount) of users has reached(achieved) 350 million person. Under the Internet - hostami all devices connected to the Internet (marshrutizatory, veb-servers, post servers, workstations and ports modem pulov the Internet - provajderov) are understood. USA within last five years promptly come nearer to a that boundary when the Internet will be used by absolutely all and everywhere.
The Internet - the global information network and for it(her) while finally has not developed the international legal basis and practice. It(he) can not be segmented on the certain detached sites, or zones of regulation.
The concept Russian (or any other) a segment of the Internet is incorrect from the legal point of view and can be applied in cases when strictly legal interpretation is not required.
So, use of term "Runet" or equivalent to it(him) - " the Russian Internet ", " the Russian segment of the Internet " - for the description of a situation with resources of a business orientation allows to allocate from a worldnet only its(her) national aspect, but does not remove uncertainty of object of legal regulation. Application of different criteria of allocation gives various sets of the resources which are included in Runet.
In table 1 are given three basic approaches allowing by formal criteria to define(determine), that such Runet. But each of them is not free from lacks that reduces practical advantage(benefit) of these displays for legal fastening this or that formulation. For the different purposes different formal criteria of restriction of the "Russian" Internet can get out.

Table 1

Approaches to allocation of set of the resources which are included in Runet

№ p/p
1. Set of information systems and resources, whose network addresses are registered in a zone .ru Not all network resources registered in a zone .ru, physically are in territory of Russia
2. Russian-speaking resources of all global Internet In Russia there is a set of the resources registered in other root domain zones, for example
3. Physical presence(finding) of network unit (a server with the veb-site placed on it(him), the user computer etc.) in territory of Russia Resources are registered in Russia in other languages, including in languages of peoples of Russia. It is impossible to take into account the Russian-speaking resources registered in other countries

The criterion is necessary for more general(common) legal regulation, allowing such regulation to carry out in practice. Thus there is a communication(connection) by questions of the state jurisdiction which differently is solved at allocation of a radio-frequency spectrum, conducting the external economic operations etc. Complexities of regulation of traditional attitudes(relations) are connected by that in the Network there is no concept of national borders alongside with that mechanisms of legal influence on the persons who are carrying out access in the Internet from territory of the foreign state are not worked.
For example, at trials courts of USA adhere "rasshiritel'noj" to the concept: if the information is accessible to users in USA she(it) should correspond(meet) to the American legislation irrespective of a physical site of a server. In practice it means an interdiction of granting of services in Russia, for example, on operations with the American securities, as not meeting the requirements of the American legislation of USA.
Before acceptance of international legal certificates(acts) adequate to network realities effective legal regulation in Runete on the part of the state bodies probably only concerning citizens and the organizations giving and receiving access to the Network in territory of the Russian Federation. Together with the public the state still should correct existing norms to receive answers, for example, on such questions:
Whether · Are subject to separate licensing of service of access in the Internet;
· who is the owner of a site and what his(its) responsibility for the placed information;
Whether · Legally to conclude contracts by an exchange of messages by e-mail;
· What taxes should be paid at conducting electronic business etc.

According to the research which have been carried out(spent) by company ROTSIT in 2000, number of audience Runeta as of July, 2000 was within the limits of 6,9-7,1 million person, and quantity(amount) of the registered users - at a level of 2,6-2,7 million.
The basic part of users falls to the European part of Russia
( 34 % - Moscow and Saint Petersburg) and its(her) share in the general(common) audience continues to be increased in comparison with Ural, Siberia and the Far East. It speaks more intensive development of means of telecommunications in this region and higher educational level of the population.
In the beginning of 1999 growth of regional activity in the Internet was marked. However by the end of 1999 a share of the Internet - audience in cities with the population less than 300 tys.chel. And a countryside has decreased. In them a parity(ratio) opportunity / demand is much less than unit, therefore in process of reduction of financial opportunities of regions rates of expansion of the Internet - audience there have decreased.
In an audience of the Internet on qualitative structure on former the youth - in the age of 18-34 years (over 60 %) prevails.
Parameters at users Runeta of age group of 35-59 years have decreased. Their activity as consider analytics, is based on real industrial necessity and pragmatical character has, as a rule. More than thirds of all Internet users - about 40 % - the qualified experts with higher education and make employees. The Internet students and pupils (27,5 %), and also heads of the top echelon actively use.

The information market of a business orientation in Runete - the complex concept including: the market of actually business information, virtual business - platforms of various type and purpose(assignment), services for support of functioning of the business environment.
The Russian market of the business information in the technological plan comes nearer to world(global) on many positions, but has also a number(line) of essential features because of insufficient civilization of market attitudes(relations), low solvency of overwhelming majority of corporate and individual consumers, their insufficient technical equipment and low information culture.
Now the small and average enterprises represent a category of consumers with the limited information needs(requirements). As show the express trains - interrogations of the business audience which have been carried out(spent) by the newspaper " Business Moscow ", Moskovsim branch of System MMTS, businessmen in the greater degree are interested with adresno-contact data and the price information, including and in the Internet.

Table 2

Sphere of interests of audience Runeta in the field of a business orientation

Sphere of interests
Share of an audience of the Internet
2000, in %
News of a policy(politics) and economy
The new software
Manufacturers of the goods and services
Electronic commerce

The area of creation of services for support of virtual business - environment is on a joint with branch of communication(connection) (a network of data transmission, rent of appendices, e-mail, teleconferences, electronic bulletin boards, electronic bulletins and dispatches, networks and systems of the removed dialogue access to databases).
The information market acts in sphere of maintenance of functioning of virtual business by a direct element of a market infrastructure as a various sort of electronic bargains / transactions (systems of sale, an exchange of the goods and services, bank, insurance operations etc.). In the Internet there is an active process of becoming of the electronic market, development of technologies of conducting electronic business and electronic commerce, carry of the most market activity to this Wednesday is actually carried out.

In Russia business activity has specific character. Business - environment is informatsionno closed. Today the question of integration of an information work in a market infrastructure of Russia remains unsolved. And his(its) decision will depend on the accepted updated model of market economy. Only under condition of observance of the order business - process the companies, maintenance of an information transparency of business - environment of the country probably effective application of means of electronic business.
In turn, deducing(removing) of information resources and means of business dealing in the Internet will promote creation of the open and competitive business environment, capable to be integrated with the world community. And, though the volume of resources of a business orientation in Runete constantly grows, their quality and value for potential users low enough. It is caused, first of all, by high labour input of information manufacture and low feedback of business - model of the information market as a result of low solvency of the population.
Subsequently we shall continue conversation on the market of the information of a business orientation and we shall consider the most important and qualitative Internet - resources useful to conducting of marketing activity.

The page was prepared by Jury GALIMOV.

" The Business - bulletin of the East " № 23 from June, 7 2001г.


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