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Е-commerce in Рунете

Weekly journal " the Business - bulletin of the East ", a heading: SYSTEM MMTS

E-commerce in Runete
Prospects of development of the Russian electronic business

In Russia the Internet develops in the same way which have a little bit earlier passed the most advanced countries. From euphoria and the overestimated expectations, through pessimistic estimations and conversations on crash of new economy, the Russian Internet - companies came to the equipment designs really introducing in business and the government new quality of decisions.
In 2000 Runet went there where it(he) was directed by the market, namely " aside popularizations of Internet - business ". This period was accompanied by loud purchases and rather large investments. In 2001 investors are going to take part in creation of real business - models on the basis of new technologies.
Experts mark, that Runet has executed the propaganda function: interest of the Russian business circles to information technologies, to the system approach in automation of primary activity of the enterprises and the organizations has essentially grown. Now there is such question as far as effectively Russian business uses opportunities the Internet. Already there are "alive" examples among the Russian companies using potential of electronic commerce and an opportunity of Internet - advertising. In sector В2В the decisions really raising efficiency of business will appear.
If to approach(suit) to development of electronic commerce from the point of view of possible(probable) incomes niche В2В is considered the most important and perspective. In traditional business only one of everyone of ten transactions falls to the bargain with consumers (В2С), other nine - on bargains between companies (é2é.) to the Internet as means of data transmission and the information, probably, should reflect the same proportion. Application of the Internet for a supply with information of internal activity of the companies and their interactions is perspective.
According to agency GTI, the potential of market V2V in Russia in 12 times is higher than potential В2С of the market. Projects В2В are concentrated in spheres of information technologies and office equipment (,, information services (Integrum Techno, Garant-Park, RosBusiness Consulting). The new branches entering on market V2V, - oil-and-gas (The Energy Trade System), metallurgy (, agroprom (Grain - Online).
Future Runeta is connected to a wide output(exit) of traditional business in Internnet. As Peter Pikok in clause(article) " Development of the information in marketing " has noted (the almanac " Marketing mnedzhment ", winter 1998, весна1998), in Russia is already totaled about 50 advanced business - communities (such, as ChemForum, eMetex, eMatrix) in the wood and chemical industry, metallurgy, computer and other branches. These platforms name electronic stock exchanges, but in the majority the it faster "ekstranety" - the Internet - systems of the large Russian companies intended for interaction with suppliers. Company IBS, trying to construct on the basis of technologies Commerce One uniform for Russia an electronic platform on purchases by leaders of the market of the not profile goods, has refused this idea: it was found out, that each of leaders wants to have the platform that completely her(it) to supervise.
But if from the point of view of large Russian business such collective systems are unacceptable, they allow to offer small enterprises inexpensive and qualitative tools of new economy.
Developers hope, that at the appropriate advertising the application of service of delivery of products and services in rent (ASP) will find. For example, the Central telegraph which has left on the market of control systems by knowledge, is going to lease such intellectual services.

As to prospects of development of electronic commerce in sphere В2С they are connected, first of all, to the further strengthening positions of leaders and an output(exit) on the Internet - market of the traditional trade, capable to make a serious competition to leaders of Internet - trade. Skeleton of an audience of electronic trade has already developed, and while its(her) gain will be insignificant. The majority of Intenet-shops lives due to investments. Konkukrentsija in this sphere rather rigid. But obvious leaders to whom it is possible to attribute(relate), for example, holding eHouse were already allocated. According to holding eHouse, the sales volume of ten Intenet-shops included in him(it) in 2000, has made 16,4 mln.doll., net profit - 250 thousand dollars. A monthly revolution in 2,14 mln.doll. Provide mainly computer shops eHouse; trading in books and videocassettes "Ozone" sells on 200-250 tys.doll. Per one month.
In 2000 on a wave of interest to decisions of electronic shops veb-developers did not have lack of orders. But because of absence of the business experience, many Internet - shops still can not rise up to profitable projects. The success eHouse in many respects speaks that his(its) owners - natives from oflajnovogo the trading business, well understanding features of a new trade channel.
Important segment Runeta to which investors - Internet - portals and thematic resources have originally paid attention. But this segment was under construction on business - model of a gain of the big audience with the help of free-of-charge services and existence due to Internet - advertising and investments. In opinion of lines of experts, the business - model which was connected to growth of capitalization of the company, based exclusively on attraction of the big number of users of free-of-charge services, in present conditions is unpromising. First of all the volume of the market of Internet - advertising still long will be limited.
By some estimations, in 2000 the volume of this market has made 3-4 million dollars. In 2001 it(he) can be doubled, but it it is not enough for profitable existence even conducting companies. On the average companies - leaders earn about 70-80 thousand dollars. Per one month, and spend (the truth, in view of charges on development, and not just on the current operations) up to 200-250 thousand dollars.
There is a sharp competitive struggle for poor advertising resources. In 2000 a lion's share leaders on the traffic - Rambler, Yandex, RBK, have mastered, resources "Agamy" and holding netBridge.
Experts predict, that in this sector bjuudut to occur merges. Probably, leaders will leave all the same on development of commercial services.
Thus, the Russian Internet will give marketologam more and more opportunities for conducting their activity by way of communications of the company.
But the main problem of transition of the Russian companies on modern methods of business dealing and marketing consists in the friend. They are not ready to open business practice. While they still have other reserves of increase of profitableness of business, besides adjustment of the good organization of information service and creation of " electronic nervous system " the companies.
But the tendency to change of a business climate in Russia was already planned. So propagation of new marketing and psychological decisions is necessary. Is important constant to conduct search of those niches which allow and to introduce in the Russian validity on the basis of the Internet new decisions of gathering, the analysis of the information and acceptance on their basis of the commercial decision.

Vitaly Aksyonov,
zam. Directors MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow" on public relations.

" The Business - bulletin of the East " № 29 from July, 19 2001г.

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