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What businessmen catch in the Network?

Weekly journal " the Business - bulletin of the East ", a heading: SYSTEM MMTS

What businessmen catch in the Network?
We continue the review of resources of the Russian Internet which are most claimed by businessmen. Today the question will be the specialized catalogues of the prices, sites of offers and business networks.

In the Internet there are popular on-line aggregated catalogues of the prices on groups of the homogeneous production, giving representation about price levels on interesting goods. As examples of such branch catalogues and databases it is possible to result the electronic directory of the prices " Price. Ru " ( on the computer equipment, office equipment, periphery, the software and computer services in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Minsk; a database of the current prices on metalcutting, forge - pressovoe and derevoobrabatyvajushchee equipment BD "TSEBA" (
A variety of resources under offers of legal persons is reflected with the selection of veb-resources taken from " the Catalogue of the business information " (
- A database "Offers" of System MMTS (;
- A server of offers "Russia - Konnekt" (;
- Offers, the information on demand on a site " the Network of agencies of support of small and average business " SIORAnet (;
- " The Federal integrated database on the goods and services of domestic commodity producers "Contractor - m" (;
- A database "Offers" on site NDP "Alliance - Media" (;
- A database of business offers of the enterprises and the organizations working in the market of chemical and pharmaceutical branches in Russia, the Baltics and CIS "Infohimija" (
The wide spectrum of opportunities on development of the international business cooperation and promotion of the goods and services of manufacturers is offered in the International information network "BIS" (http: // Company " Foreign business information " since 1997 is the official representative of the Bureau of development of cooperation (BRE) the European Commission. Russia and other countries of the CIS are included into number of countries - participants of this system. Monthly in a database of offers acts 7000-8000 applications about sale, 1800-2000 about purchase.
In process of equipment of consumers and suppliers the appropriate engineering in the countries of the CIS various technologies of representation of databases accustomed: on diskettes, on optical disks of type CD ROM and now in network variant. From text products developers gradually went to multimedia - products. But by virtue of features of development of information manufacture in Russia all the same there was no network of rather large commercial centres of generators of databases.
Conducting and most influential company in Russia in sector of services of on-line databases is firm " Интегрум-техно " (
Another large enough commercial hostom in a network of the Russian informatsionno-business servers, is server RBCNet created in 1997-1998 years, with participation TPP the Russian Federation and on-line access representing now to almost 100 databases (

Materials are given MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow"

" The Business - bulletin of the East " № 28 from July, 12 2001г.


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