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Board in "web": About system of the automated electronic bulletin boards in Рунете

Weekly journal " the Business - bulletin of the East ", a heading: SYSTEM MMTS

About system of the automated electronic bulletin boards in Runete

In Runete there is a set of the systems, allowing to solve a problem(task) of the automated selection of offers of different suppliers in the given category of the goods. Sufficient popularity was received with the automated electronic bulletin boards. The computer systems realized on this technology, were initially intended for maintenance of direct partner communications(connections) between the removed users who are taking place in a uniform computer network and a uniform field of the data. Now many of developers of veb-pages count an electronic bulletin board obligatory and even an integral part of an exemplary site. And boards with announcements has appeared so much, that to the businessman all becomes more difficult to orient in the choice.
However, for the one who precisely knows, that is necessary for it(him), only it is necessary to differentiate criteria on which it(he) defines(determines) a choice of an electronic bulletin board. Leaving open space for this activity to Internet users, various resources of the Network offer a wide set of services for the publication and viewing of announcements in various modes.
For example, an electronic board of free-of-charge announcements of firms and private persons on various groups of the goods and services IKS the "WORLD", accessible in the Internet to the address (http: // LinuxURL=dedkov), provides an opportunity of sorting of announcements on type, headings, the period of publication and editing of announcements in a mode an online. A period of storage of announcements - 90 days.
For search of partners, sponsors, investors, offers in rent, sale, search, purchase of the real estate the catalogue of offers (announcements) on the Russian business portal well approaches.
Commercial announcements in volume up to 50 words can be placed on a site " Trading Russia " in section a stock exchange of announcements.
Boards of free-of-charge announcements of sale, purchase, barter of food stuffs with price-lists and obligatory registration work on a reference portal " the Food market "
For those who interested with metal, we recommend a bulletin board on a site " Metallurgical branch of Russia " with search in sections the demand / offer.
As to the relatives from the Russian regions to Uzbekistan the Omsk area is, doubtless interest of the Uzbek partners the bulletin board on a site causes " Business Omsk " The classified announcements on categories the goods, services here are submitted, commerce and so forth the opportunity of addition and updating of announcements and search in key words Are stipulated.
Perhaps, the most convenient is the bulletin board about business offers a business portal " Alliance Media ". The pleasant interface of a board allows to enter new announcements to edit published, to look through recently appeared, to set search parameters. The first lines of announcements go in the running line, drawing of additional attention. Validity of announcements varies from one week about one year.
And certainly, we could not ignore a bulletin board on a server System MMTS which differs reliability of the maintenance(contents) of published announcements and high attendance. Announcements of advertising and commercial character, news, event etc. the User those categories which are in the list here are published has an opportunity of a choice on categories or input of a new category, but in the list of announcements vysvechivajutsja only. Each announcement contains heading which is represented in the list of categories. Any visitor of a site can answer his(its) interested announcement. Announcements and answers to them are kept on a site week then leave or updated.

Vitaly Aksenov,
zam. Directors MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow" on public relations

" The Business - bulletin of the East " № 24 from June, 14 2001г.

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