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Monitoring of small business through the Internet

Weekly journal " the Business - bulletin of the East ", a heading: SYSTEM MMTS

Monitoring of small business through the Internet

The national business partnership " Alliance Media " together with sociological service " Кассандра " has finished interrogation of representatives of small and average business concerning a present condition, problems and prospects of development of business in the Russian Federation.
First, they have promoted in the informatsionno-technological plan further the businessmen who are at times not having not only a computer, but also more simple means. At least, more than 70 % of respondents already use for reception of the business information resources the Internet. Second, production sold by them finds the consumer not only in the city or region, but also in Russia as a whole, and also abroad. More than half from them have business partners in various regions, 10 % - in the states of the CIS, and 15 % - in other countries. And thirdly, the majority of participants of interrogation are satisfied with results of work of the enterprises in 2000 and expect for quite good results in 2001.
Being claimed by a society and understanding, what huge potential comprises the small business, interrogated extremely are not satisfied with a state of affairs in the given sphere., in particular, it was offered to them to estimate, what place in the world is borrowed(occupied) with Russia on a level of development of small enterprises. 40 % interrogated see a place of the Russian Federation between serednjakami and outsiders, and 46 % - and in general among outsiders. As count 44 % interrogated, the attitude(relation) of power structures to small business lately has changed in the worse party(side). 51 % of businessmen think, and 36 more % are sure, that authorities are consecutive in realization of own assurances. And 75 % of respondents do not predict special changes in practice of interactions of business and authority.
Having changed the general(common) attitude(relation) of power structures to MT, counts everyone the second interrogated, it will be possible to solve many the important questions to remove(take off) existing barriers which as has shown interrogation, still are available for businessmen with surplus. Today because of set of barrier on an enterprise way small enterprises prefer to move risky " potaennymi tracks ", that regretfully ascertained interrogated. On a question: whether " it Is a lot of MT because of adverse conditions prefer to keep in the background? " 62 % of respondents have specified, that those for today there is more than half.
Businessmen complain that the structures created for support of MT, is needless zaformalizovany and informatsionno are opaque. Why, they ask, funds of support of small enterprises do not give the wide information on the services and opportunities, and also are not engaged in search of the enterprises for which their help can be necessary?
Over 70 % from them carries perfection of normativno-legal maintenance of small business to the most actual today's problems, and 57 % are convinced, that the normativno-legal information will be in demand still raised(increased) demand. In this connection businessmen have serious claims to work of the State Duma, to fractions and deputy groups. The third (32 %) counts everyone, that any of deputy formations(educations) in practice is not anxious with problems of small business.
Problematical character for MT in upholding the interests is covered in dissociation of weight of representatives of small business. Everyone the second interrogated (48 %) could not remember any case when work of control bodies though in something has helped it(him).

" The Business - bulletin of the East " № 25 from June, 21 2001г.


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