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Island of treasures in the sea of the business information
Weekly journal " the Business - bulletin of the East ", a heading: SYSTEM MMTS

Island of treasures in the sea of the business information

We continue to acquaint readers with the most useful resources of the Russian Internet which can be really useful to the businessman to reception of the business information.
To the important official sources such as " the information on the business information " it is possible to attribute(relate) " the Catalogue of databases of Russia ", regularly let out NTTS "Informregistr" which electronic analogue as a database is in the Internet to the address
Useful source on the Russian Internet - resources is the directory " Yellow pages the Internet 2001. Russian resources " (http: //, annually let out by publishing house " Peter " on CD ROM and in printing. The directory contains the information on more than 5000 most interesting and stable resources, is the most full edition about a Russian-speaking part the Internet.
Resources of the business - information in Runete it is valid much and to list(transfer) them it is possible still very long. Until there will be a question: and where there is that island of treasures in the sea of the business information on which is not only all necessary for the businessman, but also is greater?
It appears, such miracle - island is, and a name to it(him) not CHunga-CHanga, and the Russian Business Portal " Alliance Media ". It(he) also is located to the address Here it is possible to receive the exhaustive information on what business to choose than to be engaged it is profitable, and than - it is unprofitable how to make the business - plan, to receive the license, to find a premise(room), to take the credit, to find the business partner, to pass training, to realize production, to take part in the state order etc.
The Russian Business Portal " Alliance Media " is created with a view of information support of businessmen, assistance to search of business - partners, promotions of production and services. The information system created within the framework of a portal includes an opportunity of operative access to news of economy and a policy(politics), to information and analytical materials and allows to take advantage of interactive mechanisms of business dealing.
RDP " Alliance Media " works with many news agencies specializing on the economic and financial information which is interesting to businessmen. The largest is issued by him(it) in Runete a news line which unites messages of all basic news agencies - per day passes up to 800 messages. So it is not necessary to fuss in the Internet, passing from address one agencies to another, and it is enough enter a server The portal allows to receive any news information and enables to accept and realize the decision operatively. Uniqueness RDP that it(he) has a database of the Moscow registration chamber on all enterprises registered in Moscow - such information does not distribute " Alliance Media " more anybody. It is very important, that all services and opportunities " Alliance Media " are given businessmen free-of-charge.
At the order of businessmen in structure of a portal - the list more than from 20 resources, including a server " Business press " where it is submitted 17 electronic MASS-MEDIA which leave weekly. In one of these electronic editions - the newspaper " Business for all " - is and specially allocated column " Business - news from System MMTS " where news about activity of the inter-regional centres are published, sent of different regions.
Other resources of portal is first of all a corporate site to well-known our readers of an information network of System of the inter-regional marketing centres (System MMTS), and also an information network " Small business of Moscow ", personnel agency of small business, a card(map) of the business information for businessmen, the catalogue of manufacturers of the goods and services, service of remote consulting, the Moscow leasing company, the Centre of industrial subcontracting and partnership JUNIDO, electronic shopping center of small business, the information on the state order for businessmen, the information and technologies for business of club " БИНФО ", business tests and express mail, The Russian association of development of small and average business and a board of free-of-charge announcements of business offers As you can see, the list is rather impressive.
The portal " Alliance Media " concerns to number of the most visited(attended) business resources in the Russian Internet. Now to it(him) daily address more than 3000 businessmen. The quantity(amount) of users quickly grows: in January of the current year it was expressed by figure 32400 the person, in February - 47500, and in March has reached(achieved) 76900. These figures I bear eloquent testimony about vostrebovannosti and quality of the business information accessible on portal NDP " Alliance Media "

System administrator MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow" Vadim Kogaj.

" The Business - bulletin of the East " № 25 from June, 21 2001г.

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