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Weekly journal " the Business - bulletin of the East ", a heading: SYSTEM MMTS


Today we shall continue conversation on features of the business Рунета environment, begun in the last number, and we shall tell to you about what today the market of the business information and we shall result the most useful to conducting marketing activity (from the point of view marketologov Systems MMTS) Internet - resources.

The modern market of the business information in Runete includes, first of all, universal catalogues and the search machines, the specialized catalogues and directories for search of resources of a business orientation. Besides in the market there are information business networks, systems, databases in the field of business, analytics, business papers and MASS-MEDIA, electronic libraries of business - resources of various purpose(assignment). The information which is reflected with the listed sources, can be divided(shared) into some groups:
- The exchange and financial information (data on quotations of the goods and securities, rates of exchange, discount rates, investments and the prices);
- The statistical information (economic, demographic as numerical parameters, and also the social information as numbers(lines) of dynamics(changes), prognoznyh models and estimations);
- The commercial information (data on the companies, directions of their activity and their production, a financial condition, a price policy(politics), attitudes(relations) of the property and economic relations, bargains, heads and other).
Abundantly clearly, that any of categories of the business information can be both completely necessary, and absolutely useless. And only after you are precisely defined(determined) with what information is necessary for you, there is a question on how her(it) to find. The most simple decision favourable both on time, and on the spent efforts, and, finally - on money to charge with this business to professionals (for example, MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow"). If at you the free time is a lot of, forces and means (monetary and technical), it is possible to resort to the help of search systems, the universal and specialized catalogues and even electronic libraries.
The basic and most professional network sources " information on the information " are search systems: Я (, (, ( which today have turned to the largest directory portals containing various kinds of the information and service (news, the catalogue, search services, dispatches, e-mail, publications, ratings etc.).
In catalogues of these portals the information on various questions of business is structured, as a rule, in the any form on lexical sets, sections and subitems with a various degree of divisibility of headings.
On portal APORT as a whole, and in the field of business, in particular, it is possible to name the catalogue the most advanced both on structure, and on filling. In it(him) for 1.03.2001 in 22 subheadings of a thematic heading "Business" it was reflected over 70 thousand references. Important advantage Aporta also is the developed(unwrapped) characteristic of each resource: on an accessory(a belonging) to League (elitnoj, the maximum(supreme), professional, amateur - by quantity(amount) of the appropriated(given) markers - asterisks), on an accessory(a belonging) to type of the publication (the review or clause(article)), on tsitiruemosti (ITS - an index tsitiruemosti), on "hitovosti" a site (by quantity(amount) hostov in rating Aport ТОП-1000); on presence or absence of estimations and opinions of users on a site.
RAMBLER - very popular search machine, with opportunities of the enclosed and complex(difficult) search. After completion in 2000 new nucleus Rambler.2.0. takes into account coordinates of words. It "is trained" strict and indistinct morphology, connects search to the catalogue as which rating ТОР-100 is used. Updated Rambler distinguishes themes to connect results of search to other sections of a portal, groups results of search in sites, searches on numbers. In a word, in many respects on equal competes with Aportom by the search opportunities.
The catalogue of sites on Ramblere, as such, no, but instead of him(it) the opportunity to work with a rating of resources ТОР-100 is given. For example, the rating of resources in section " Business and the finance " contains only 5 headings, and on them are deduced, basically, various network MASS-MEDIA. Rating Ramblera allows to reveal, which sites, sections, pages of sites, including devoted to business, are most popular today.
On portal Ramblera in "catalogue - rating" ТОР-100 for 1.03.2001 it is registered and participates in rejtingovanii on categories in view of subjects of the unit over 24 thousand unique resources on business.
The catalogue on portal JANDEKS represents something average between Aportom and Ramblerom. The structure of headings is not so detailed, as on Aporte, the quantity(amount) of sites on business essentially concedes to volumes of catalogue Aporta and less than in "catalogue - rating" Ramblera, let alone rather specific classification of headings.
In the thematic headings of catalogue JAndeks concerning sphere of business, for 1.03.2001 proindeksirovano over 17 thousand unique sites in the field of business.
Catalogue JAndeksa offers orgiinal'nuju alternative classification of resources by geography (Russia, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, the CIS, Europe, America, other), on a source of the information (official, press, collective, private(individual), anonymous), on sector of economy (state, commercial, noncommercial) and even on the target audience (the organization, private persons, colleagues, sponsors, investors.). This original circuit of search in some cases can appear rather useful and even irreplaceable.
Except for the catalogue, on a portal various variants of simple and complex(difficult) search on base of widely known search machine " Яндекс " are stipulated. Such ample opportunities of search are not represented while by any other search system: the simple and enclosed search, including with a choice of news, the goods, pictures; the expanded search in 9 criteria - menus, fine opportunities of parameters of adjustment of results of search, search in regions, the search panel for Internet Explorer (where the search system becomes as though a part of a browser), extremely simplified ascetic search, the special button at absence of the Russian-speaking keyboard.
Besides three whales of ocean of the business information - Aporta, Ramblera and JAndeksa, in " Russian network " other large representatives of the network "fauna" come across also, capable to help you to find the necessary data.
The information on various kinds network and oflajnovyh resources of a business orientation the network encyclopedia " the Navigator of information resources " (http: // contains, the specialized veb-site " the Catalogue of the business information " (http: //, " the Catalogue of business - resources " on the goods and services on veb-portal BUSINESS.RU (http: //, " the Card(map) of the business information " (http: //, and also " News of information business " (http: //, supported by information firm MBIT. There are also many others which brief review we shall lead(carry out) another time.

System administrator MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow" Vadim Kogaj has prepared.

Social and economic weekly journal " the Business - bulletin of the East " № 24 from June, 14 2001г.

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