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DATABASES of SYSTEM MMTS - an information basis for promotion of business
Weekly journal " the Business - bulletin of the East " a heading: SYSTEM MMTS

Information basis for promotion of business

Readers "BVV" are already familiar with activity of System of the Inter-regional marketing centres under our publications. Today we continue to acquaint them with ample opportunities which open before clients MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow". And conversation at us will go about that sea of the information which is not far off, and in the thematic databases located on a server of System.
As you already know, functioning of System MMTS covers some directions among which, alongside with organizational and advertising - marketing activity, the major and the most claimed is the information work. She(it) means gathering and ordering of the information on enterprises - manufacturers of the goods and services in regions, formation and support of the specialized databases on the enterprises interested in various forms of business cooperation;
The corporate site of System MMTS - - accumulates the statistical, economic and commercial information acting from the regional centres. The information collected in regions in a uniform format, makes the uniform distributed(allocated) database offered in the help to businessmen which search for partners or commodity markets in other regions.
Information network of System MMTS, which creation began in November, 1997, is the enormous tool of the decision of the problems(tasks) rising before each businessman. For today the database of the Russian enterprises accessible almost in full to visitors of a veb-site (approximately per day) contains 1000 references(manipulations) more than 56 thousand records about the companies, small firms, factories, agencies, wholesale warehouses, public organizations etc. Actively the base of offers replenishes (about 900 records), the Catalogue of the goods and services " (more than 600 records), conceived as a detailed databank on regional production works ". On a veb-site the information on melkooptovym to the prices in the local markets is regularly updated. The opportunity of the operative publication of commercial announcements in a mode on-line is given users. Besides with recent por the help resource under investment projects from regions of Russia became accessible to visitors of a site.
Databases of an information network of System MMTS contain the information in four sections: " the Enterprises and the organizations ", "Offers", " the Catalogue of the goods and services " and " Investment projects ". In each of sections the automated system of search in various qualifiers, for example, search of the enterprise by the form made goods and services or in a territorial attribute is stipulated.
Each of sections of an information network contains the information necessary and sufficient for realization of business and trading contacts. For example, in a database " the Enterprises and the organizations " the full name of firm, its(her) legal status, a site, phones, faxes, the electronic address and the name of a veb-site (at presence of those) is possible to learn(find out), the basic and additional kinds of the activity, the consumed goods and services, first name, middle initial, last name the head, and in the note - additional data or offers.
Any network from the authorized participants has access to all information resources. Unregister users of a network ("visitors" get the limited access to the information. Resources are created by participants of a network with a view of information support of activity of System. At last, the information network actively uses opportunities of existing inter-regional and global networks, first of all the Internet, and its(her) corporate character is provided with unity of structural, program and substantial standards. System MMTS uses all advantages of territorially distributed(allocated) network using organized circuits of circulation of the information.
Standard service of anyone MMTS is accommodation of the information of the client on a server of System. To place the information on the enterprise or the offer for our clients - means to declare itself and the goods in parallel in 62 different regions. And, being completely sure, that this information will get directly to the address - that is to potential partners and buyers.
Representatives of small and average business, having addressed in MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow" behind the single information(inquiry), can get regular user access to our server and independently work with an information file or conclude with the centre the contract about constant information service. Such cooperation regularly will allow to receive information(inquiries) on presence of demand for certain production in the specified regions, about a circle of possible(probable) corporate consumers together with the expert analysis of their opportunities, about activity of competitors etc.
Marketologi Systems MMTS operatively carry out individual inquiries of businessmen and representatives of the enterprises. As practice shows, inquiries on granting the information from other regions are especially actual for local businessmen. Businessmen contact data of potential partners more often interest, opportunities of selling of own production in the other region, and also the prices for raw material, finished goods and the foodstuffs. And the inter-regional marketing centre "Tashkent - Moscow" is always ready to give them.

Social and economic weekly journal " the Business - bulletin of the East "
№ 20 from May, 17 2001г.

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