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Interview of general director Tashkent - Moscow to the correspondent of social and economic weekly journal
Weekly journal " the Business - bulletin of the East " a heading: the BUSINESS COURIER

New information channels
For successful business

The contract about cooperation between newspaper "BVV" and System MMTS is signed. Results of this cooperation will open to readers of the newspaper new horizons for promotion of the business in regions of Russia and other countries of the CIS. Questions of correspondent "BVV" are answered by the general director of the Inter-regional marketing centre "Tashkent - Moscow" Timur Ablaev.

- Signing the contract about cooperation assumes benefits for both parties(sides). In what interests MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow" consist?
- As the System of the Inter-regional marketing centres renders services of informatsionno-analytical character, its(her) structure should provide effective movement of information streams both on an input(entrance), and on an output(exit). The qualitative feedback with potential clients is necessary for such ramified marketing system to know a conjuncture of the information market, needs(requirements) of businessmen and manufacturers. Our purpose - to inform the certain contingent of people, in it(her) interested. We aspire to make its(her) accessible to a maximum quantity of consumers. That we faultlessly could perform the work, in our interests to create as the greater number of channels on which it is possible to finish the required information on the goods and services up to the concrete consumer is possible. To realize this problem(task) to us the corporate site in a network the Internet on which enormous information resources of System are accessible, from news and announcements up to thematic sections of the data on business and manufacture helps first of all. But if we want to capture all information market, it is necessary to involve all kinds of MASS-MEDIA, and first of all business - press. Certainly, we cooperate also with radio and TV, but as shows experience, there is no businessman who could do without business newspapers and magazines. Therefore all inter-regional centres of System MMTS or let out the own newsletter, or conduct the section in one of regional newspapers. Besides for each of them the agreement between System MMTS and the newspaper " Business for all " which is issued by circulation in 50000 copies the Russian Association of development of small and average business operates. On its(her) pages, results of marketing researches, the information on seminars and the major events news of System MMTS are published in regions. From such publications businessmen and manufacturers can gather weight of the helpful information, and at the same time estimate represented opportunities and to be convinced of effectiveness of cooperation with the inter-regional marketing centres, having read about results of the marketing actions really achieved by their colleagues - businessmen. Therefore the conclusion of the contract about information cooperation with such newspaper as "BVV", installs in me optimistic hopes for the optimum decision of all these problems(tasks).
- Certainly, it is necessary to think and of interests of the third party - readers, you see their interests for publishers of the newspaper cost(stand) on the first place. What they and as far as it is necessary for them will receive?
- As practice, that business information which is offered by System MMTS, rather shows and is rather claimed. As a result of activity of the centres in the field of information of business and inter-regional marketing commodity circulation between small enterprises of Russia, Byelorussia and other regions has increased on 1,5 billion roubles. Since 1997 of services of System MMTS have taken advantage more than 160 thousand Russian and foreign companies. On the average for information services in the centres address up to 55 000 clients annually. And these parameters constantly grow, that testifies to utility of the given information. I believe, that offers of businessmen from Russia will be interesting to readers "BVV", Byelorussia and the Baltics and they will manage to find to themselves of reliable partners for expansion of business. Besides readers independently what from regions represents the greatest interest for business dealing they can estimate can receive the information on the economic legislation of regions in which they have interests, about the regional markets and manufacturers. We invite readers who want to win the new markets to place on pages of the newspaper the offers. Thus, at them the opportunity to inform about the business offers and inquiries will appear and to represent the interests in different regions simultaneously. Taking into account, that " the Business - bulletin of the East " will be dispatched now on all to 62 inter-regional marketing centres, and the information therefrom begins to promote further, it is possible to imagine scale of similar strategy of distribution of the data on firm, the goods or service.
- In Tashkent very many periodicals are printed. Why for information cooperation MMTS "Tashkent - Moscow" has selected the newspaper " the Business - bulletin of the East "?
- Before to choose any certain printed edition for long-term cooperation, we have defined(determined) to ourselves the main criterion: it should be the edition for businessmen that the information has got the necessary orientation and has maximum quickly reached(achieved) "our" client. Results of the carried out(spent) research of business press of Uzbekistan have shown, that in a rating of business newspapers "BVV" takes is far from being last place and is one of the most readable. As it was found out, this newspaper (as of February, 2001) reads 61 % of the interrogated businessmen. On our last data, the number of readers "BVV" is stably increased. Though in Uzbekistan there are also other, not less popular editions, we have decided, that by all other criteria to us most of all approaches "BVV" as the newspaper which write out and read the majority of our potential clients. Specificity of the newspaper meets all our requirements and requirements of all System MMTS as a whole.
- To what basic criteria there should correspond(meet) the business newspaper and as far as they are maintained in "BVV"?
As we have access to a plenty of various business papers, we have opportunity to compare them. I can cite as an example percentage distribution of reader's preferences of one of popular Russian weekly journals:
- Management of business and the finance - 97 %,
- internet, communication(connection), computers - 80 %,
- Formation(education) - 62 %,
- Marketing and servicing - 65 %,
- Management of the personnel - 71 %,
- An exchange of experience - 90 %,
- The markets and the companies - 60 %.
To reveal information preferences of readers "BVV", I offer to lead(carry out) small interrogation from pages of the newspaper within several months - it(he) will help to understand, whom and that really interests.
I want to note a variety of headings of the newspaper " the Business - bulletin of the East " and professionalism of its(her) observers. However, in my opinion, if the newspaper is intended for the business environment, she(it) should contain more than the business information and absolutely slightly entertaining. The business information should be really interesting to the businessman and contain the concrete facts. I think, that such sections as the teleprogram and a detective are absolutely not pertinent in the business paper and create to it(him) image " reading matters from there is nothing to do(make) ". And the main criteria of the information in the business newspaper - its(her) practical value and reliability. I believe, that publishers still should work above the maintenance(contents) of the newspaper and to develop more precise style. We from its part shall try to help, using experience of Russian and other editions to give the useful and interesting information.
- Clearly, that maximum trustworthy information is necessary for businessmen not only operative, but also. What guarantees can be given in this occasion?
- To give clients a trustworthy information is a credo of System MMTS. It is no casual in the first publication in "BVV" were born in heading of a word " to you the trustworthy information is necessary? " - If our data will not reflect a real state of affairs, on them it will not be simple demand. And, by that the majority of the centres do not complain of absence of clients, constantly appear new MMTS, quality of given services and the received information are up to the mark and are always claimed. We very much value the reputation, and all data are exposed to numerous check. A guarantee that fact is special, that many MMTS act in a role of official executors of programs of support of development of small business in the region and participate in their development level with local administrations. It speaks about authority and recognition MMTS both on the part of businessmen, and on the part of authorities. I want to remind, that the project "System MMTS" any more the first year is successfully realized according to the order a premiere of the government of Moscow of Jury Luzhkova which has the big authority on enterprise circles. Besides it, the structure of System means precise and harmonious work of each separate centre - any mistake of one negatively can have an effect on results of the general(common) work and lower reputation as a whole. All this imposes the considerable responsibility for a qualitative level of their activity on experts of System MMTS.

Jury Galimov has written down.

Weekly journal "BVV" 18 from May, 3 2001.

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