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Quickly also it is tasty. The review of the Russian market of the frozen fritters

Quickly also it is tasty. The review of the Russian market of the frozen fritters

Last years when many mistresses still have ever less time for preparation of food, and tasty all the same it would be desirable, an output(exit) is purchase of products which need to be warmed up only.

The frozen semifinished items became more popular last years, and distribution of the given market non-uniformly: in large cities where solvency of the population is higher, such production uses essentially a great demand, than in other Russian regions.

The most popular frozen products still there are pel'menis. According to magazine « Russian Food*Drinks Market », on this market at the end of 2002 it was necessary not less than 65 % of a sales volume of frozen production. However this market is for a long time usual where leaders were quite generated and to leave on which already enough difficultly.

In comparison with the market of pel'menis, the market of the frozen fritters much "younger". Up to middle of 90th such production practically was not issued by the Russian enterprises. "Critical" year for frozen production as a whole, according to experts, there was a 2001 when growth of a market capacity of products of easy preparation was fixed. Demand for fritters thus has grown on 30 % in comparison with the previous year. By the end of 2002 the share of fritters in the market of the frozen semifinished items was estimated approximately in 9 %.

And, in opinion of many experts, the market of the frozen fritters is one of the most fast-growing. So, on data Bmarket if in 2001 growth in the market of other frozen semifinished items was estimated approximately in 20 % in the market of fritters – 25-30 %. In 2002, according to one of the largest players, company " Талосто ", growth of the given market has made about 20 %.

Today one of the largest players of the Russian market of the frozen fritters are such companies, as above named Joint-Stock Company " Талосто " (. Санкт – St. Petersburg), personal computer " МорозКом " (. Санкт – St. Petersburg), Open Company " Дарья " (. Санкт – St. Petersburg), Open Company " Равиоли " (. Санкт – St. Petersburg).

Joint-Stock Company " Талосто " lets out fritters under marks the "skilled wOrker", directed on the broad audience of consumers, with different variants of stuffings (10 kinds), « Itself Самыч », positioned as a qualitative family product, « Pancakes and To » - positioned as "man's" mark.

Production of personal computer " МорозКом " is submitted by marks "Морозко", where there is a wide choice of stuffings (more than 30 kinds of fritters), "Exhibition", packaged on 7 pieces at packing, "Pancake week".

Open Company " Дарья " makes the frozen fritters under appropriate mark "Дарья".

According to research of group of companies BI Marketing, published in « Russian Food*Drinks Market », № 8 2003, consumer preferences of muscovites of various marks of the frozen fritters were distributed(allocated) as follows:

The diagram 1.

According to the same research company, the most preferable stuffings of fritters are meat, cottage cheese, сгущенка, mushrooms, a cherry, a strawberry, a potato, cheese, other kinds (are listed by way of reduction of %-тов preferring).

Practically all manufacturers let out fritters with using the greatest success at buyers kinds of a stuffing. However one more way to be allocated in the Russian market - release of a new, original kind of production, taking into account thus tastes of consumers. So, for example, company " Талосто " has entered in ассортиментную a ruler new taste of fritters – with chocolate, "МорозКом" - the fried fritters with various stuffings.

The basic ассортиментные rulers of conducting companies – manufacturers are submitted in table 1.

Table 1.

For the last some years the frozen fritters became rather popular product and though in this market "is not so close" yet as in the market of pel'menis, in opinion of many experts, the given market also becomes close to saturation. Besides in last period there are new kinds of the frozen semifinished items – the goods - substitutes on the part of which the competition is possible(probable). So, for example, popularity among consumers is got with pies of fast preparation though they and are submitted in some higher price category.

Гамазкова the Lily, expert - маркетолог ММЦ "Moscow" E-mail:

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