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Potential opportunities of development of small and medium business

Potential opportunities of development of small and medium business

Development of private entrepreneurship, small and medium business considers(examines) a management(manual) of republic as the priority political problem(task), called to create a real basis for formation of a class of proprietors, as the major condition of change of structure of national economy, growth of sector of services, the basic source of a gain of employment, the factor of technological progress and maintenance of the normal competitive environment.
In Uzbekistan the legislative and normative base creating favorable conditions for development of small and medium business, attraction of investments and the organizations of manufacture competitive and экспортоориентированной production (the goods, services) is generated.
Creation in the country of legislative base provides guarantees of laws and interests of people regarding a free competition, provides equal opportunities of access to material, financial, labour н to other resources, protection of unreasonable intervention in their activity, protection of the information making service or a trade secret; the special approach is provided at creation of subjects of small and medium business during privatization and a privatization, and also during secession joint-stock, societies, the collective and rent enterprises.
So, statutory acts of the ministries, the state committees, departments and bodies of the government on places on questions of the small and private entrepreneurship, having a binding character, are subject to legal examination, the state registration accordingly in the Ministry of Justice, his(its) bodies on places and are published in mass media.
It is stipulated, that in case of entering into the tax laws of the changes creating less favorable conditions for subjects of small and private entrepreneurship, the tax is raised from them within the next two years according to the legislation working at the moment of their state registration. In relation to small enterprises at their choice it is authorized to apply the simplified system of the taxation.
Measures against the disorder checks of managing subjects and unreasonable intervention in their activity are accepted on the part of supervising bodies. All checks of производственно-economic and financial activity of the enterprises of small and medium business - members of Chamber of commodity producers and entrepreneurs should be carried out with obligatory participation of legal services of Chamber of its(her) territorial structures.
With a view of protection of interests of entrepreneurs and fastening of guarantees of laws and support of their activity the edition of the departmental certificates(acts) complicating the order of creation, registration and activity of subjects of small and medium business, and also inquiry of an additional information and the documents which have been not stipulated by decisions of the Government is forbidden. Functional duties and the responsibility of state bodies, credit and financial establishments, the insurance and not governmental organizations regarding support of development of small and medium entrepreneurship are precisely defined.
Guarantees and privileges for foreign investors So, the Decree of the President from February, 9, 1998 " operate About measures on perfection of the mechanism of realization of projects with foreign investments " realization of the projects which are carried out with attraction of foreign investments, it is defined as a priority direction of the state investment politics with obligatory realization of the state monitoring at a level of Department of investment programs of the Cabinet. Thus this state body is made responsible for realization of the state investment politics and his(its) decision are obligatory for execution(performance) by all participants of investment process. The order for investment projects with participation of the foreign capital with attraction of credits under the governmental guarantees of a Republic Uzbekistan obliging in fortnight term from the date of representation of documents to pass lumpsum examination in all state bodies, responsible for an estimation of the general(common) economic feasibility, a technological level, price competitiveness of used technology, economic efficiency and a recoupment, the circuit of financing is accepted. Infringement of the established order and terms of consideration and the statement of investment projects with the foreign capital entails the personal responsibility of Directors of the ministries, departments and the appropriate structures of republic.
A number of privileges and privileges on the enterprises with foreign investments and regarding taxes is stipulated.
So, are released(exempted) from taxes to property of the enterprise with the foreign investments, making focused on export and импортозамещающую production from shares of the foreign capital in the authorised capital not less than 500 thousand dollars. USA. For the industrial enterprises with the foreign investments, carrying out capital investments in the projects included in the Republican investment program, term of clearing of the tax to profit in 7 years is established, and again created similar enterprises are released(exempted) from payment of the tax to profit for the period of 5 years from the moment of the beginning of manufacture. A number of other privileges is stipulated also.
It is necessary to note, that the Republic of Uzbekistan guarantees protection of laws of foreign investors at realization of investment activity in its(her) territory according to the standard norms of international law. In particular, it is stipulated, that if the legislation of republic worsens conditions of investment to foreign investments within no more than ten years the legislation working at the moment of realization of investments is applied. In case of acceptance by the state bodies of a Republic of Uzbekistan of the statutory acts restraining the rights of foreign investors, the caused losses are compensated by these bodies in the judicial order.
Non-interference to the economic activities of foreign investors which are carried out according to the legislation of republic is guaranteed also.
Foreign investments in republic of Uzbekistan are not subject to nationalization, and requisition.
For maintenance of normal development and functioning of the enterprises of small and medium business in republic are created and successfully the Chamber of commodity producers and entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan with a network of regional divisions in a Republic Karakalpakstan works. And in all areas, large cities and the regional centres. In turn, she(it) founds a number of the organizations, called to render services to members of Chamber:
The centre of assistance to development of small and medium business.
The centre of development of market skills.
The centre of business ties.
The centre of a professional training for small and medium business etc.
Members of Chamber are the Fund for promotion of private entrepreneurship and small business (Business - fund), insurance agency " Мадад ", commercial " Узтададбиркорбанк, the Republican universal agroindustrial stock exchange, the Republican business - incubator.
As the associated members the Association of business women, branch and territorial economic associations act.
Creation is stipulated at territorial Chambers of commodity producers and entrepreneurs of the self-supporting Centres of информационно-consulting support of small and medium entrepreneurship which will promote in a supply with information, to development of business - plans and other documents to render legal and consulting services.
For association and protection of interests of rural entrepreneurs the Association дехканских and farms with representations in Republic Каракаллакстане, areas and areas of republic, and also the Fund for promotion дехканских and farms is formed.
The significant contribution to creation of favorable conditions for development of small and medium business is created during realization State and regional programs of support of development of small business and private entrepreneurship. The system of support of small and medium business created due to these allows the entrepreneur to receive not only the financial help, including on favourable terms through commercial banks and specially organized funds but also to use institute of an infrastructure with a network of regional divisions.
Measures of the state support of the small and medium enterprises represent " set of financial stimulus as direct support (access to soft loans, tax privileges, possible subsidizing of production) and efforts on институционально to organizational assistance to business dealing (creation of a market infrastructure, various associations of entrepreneurs).
The important role in financial support of entrepreneurs is played by Business - fund. By granting of credits advantage is given by him(it) to such directions, as development of a farm, spheres of services, tourism, construction, the industry of building materials, the local industry, and also processing of agricultural production.
Besides financial support is carried out through system of specially educated funds, insurance structures and commercial banks.
Financial support of the Uzbek entrepreneurs is carried out also due to the credits given by the European bank of reconstruction and development. The Asian bank of development and a number of other international financial institutions.
In republic for functioning entrepreneurship it is generated and the appropriate environment. She(it) is submitted enough by the advanced infrastructure: except for Chamber of commodity producers and entrepreneurs are created and Republican commodity - raw and share stock exchanges, a stock exchange of the real estate, more than 2000 wholesale structures - the markets, shops, trading houses, the centres, supermarkets, over 280 broker offices and agencies on sale of the real estate, a network of share shops, insurance agency " Мадад ", Agency " Консаудитинформ ", consulting, инжиниринговые and leasing firms and the companies, 45 investment funds and the companies function, 25 business - incubators, system of preparation and improvement of professional skill of the staff for enterprise activity are formed.
Besides due to the defined geographical, natural, demographic, historical and national features of republic, here there is a fertile field for accommodation of the foreign capital.
Economic reforms spent for the country serve the further perfection of conditions of functioning of small and medium entrepreneurship.
A lot of attention is given problems of development of small and medium business by National bank of foreign trade activities of a Republic of Uzbekistan. In 1997 development of the first demand line of credit of the European bank of reconstruction and development on a total sum 60 million dollars is completed. USA under which 21 project was approved. The second demand line of credit amounted to 120 million dollars. USA, from which 60 million dollars. USA were allocated to National bank without a sovereign guarantee. The Asian bank of development has approved the credit for development of the small and medium enterprises of Uzbekistan for the sum 50 million dollars. USA.

The basic directions of development of small and medium entrepreneurship on manufacture ТНП and other production in a Republic of Uzbekistan

Kinds of activity Resource potential Regions
Manufacture of carpets and carpet articles (preparation of a wool, its(her) processing, ковроткачество) the Source of raw materials of a wool, a manpower Kashkadarinskai, Dzhizak, Andizhan, Bukhara, Навоийская. The Samarkand and Surkhan-Darya areas, a Republic Karakalpakstan
Manufacture of natural silk - сырца Raw material - cocoons of a silkworm Fergana, Bukhara, Andizhan. The Samarkand, Namangan, Kashkadarinskai and Tashkent areas
Manufacture of haberdashery, blankets, cloths, tailoring of man's shirts, children's and female footwear. Presence free labour resources Andizhan, Fergana, Tashkent, Tashkent, the Samarkand, Bukhara, Khorezm areas
Furrier's, tanning business Tanning raw material of large horned livestock Samarkand, Fergana, Bukhara, Kashkadarinskai, Tashkent and Навоийская areas
Manufacture of fur and tailoring of fur articles Astrakhan raw material Bukhara, Навоийская, the Kashkadarinskai, Samarkand, Dzhizak, Surkhan-Darya areas and republic Karakalpakstan
Деревообработка, manufacture of furniture, cradles, musical instruments Local resources, a free manpower, historical skills the Tashkent, Dzhizak, Bukhara, Samarkand, Fergana areas
Золотошвейное manufacture. The decorative embroidery, тюбетейки Local resources, a free manpower, historical skills Bukhara area, Feels, Margelan, Kokand, Шахрисабз, Ки-таб, Ургут, Байсун
Jeweller manufacture Raw and a manpower Bukhara, Tashkent, Samarkand, Fergana and Khorezm areas
Manufacture of articles from plastic (polyethylene packages, áÓ¡«-packing production from waste products of the basic chemical manufacture) Waste products of chemical manufactures Tashkent. Samarkand, Навоийская. The Fergana, Dzhizak areas, a Republic Karakalpakstan
Potter's business, manufacture souvenir, art to household an article in view of export Local raw and a manpower Fergana. Andizhan, Tashkent, Samarkand, Cуpхандарьинская, Бухaрская, the Khorezm, Kashkadarinskai areas
Manufacture фарфорофаянсовой utensils, facing and ceramic плитки, a tile, original empties the Local ¿¡ÑÓá½ý¡«-source of raw materials каолиновые, волластонитовые clay, sand quartz etc. Samarkand, Tashkent,
The Fergana, Syr-Darya, Surkhan-Darya areas
Камнерезное business - manufacture of marble and granite articles Local mineral raw material - a marble, a granite, габбро, a marble crumb a Republic Karakalpakstan, Навоийская, Samarkand. The Kashkadarinskai, Surkhan-Darya and Tashkent areas
Creation of the industry of services (guarantee repair and modernization of equipment), машиносервис (including repair and service household аудио-видеотех­ники) агросервис, выпол­нение individual за­казов on various kinds of custom-made equipment, spare parts, details, units etc.) Potential of industrial production, close contacts to the enterprises of mechanical engineering and metal working, a manpower a Republic Karakalpakstan, Andizhan. Bukhara, Dzhizak, Kashkadarinskai, Навоийская, Namangan, Samarkand, Surkhan-Darya. Syr-Darya, Tashkent, Fergana and Khorezm areas
Processing of agricultural raw material: - manufacture of dried fruits, juices, compotes, jams, fruit pastes etc. - manufacture of national sweets (halvah, казинаки, грильяж from a peanut and кунжута etc.) Agricultural resources, a free manpower Andizhan. The Samarkand, Kashkadarinskai, Fergana, Tashkent, Surkhan-Darya areas Fergana, Tashkent, Samarkand, Namangan. Khorezm areas
Processing of a local ¿¡ÑÓá½ý¡«-source of raw materials and manufacture of building materials Local mineral resources: лессовидные loams, аглопоритовое raw material, dead rock with a coal dust, waste products of the mining and processing enterprises (вскрышные breeds, tails of enrichment. Шламы, slags etc.) Andizhan, Bukhara, Dzhizak, Навоийская. Namangan, Samarkand. The Surkhan-Darya, Syr-Darya, Tashkent, Fergana and Khorezm areas

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