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Transport infrastructure

Transport infrastructure

The major factor of attractive geostrategic position of Uzbekistan is presence of the advanced system of transport communications. Now the transport system of the country practically satisfies internal needs(requirements) for transportations.
The Republic has the highest in the Central Asia density of networks railway and highways. Extent of railways exceeds 6,7 thousand kms, and many roads are electrified. Over 80 % of all highways have a firm covering. A prevailing part of highways in republic are roads of the international and state value with the advanced types of coverings.
The existing network of railway and automobile transport communications not only reliably connects among themselves most remote areas and settlements of republic, provides an exit in the international transport systems, but also provides wide access to the basic sources natural and a ¿¡ÑÓá½ý¡«-source of raw materials of the country.
Uzbekistan is favourably located and in the plan for development of the international aviation communications. Being between Europe and East Asia, the republic can serve as rather perspective international transport unit providing a transit airline traffic of cargoes and passengers.
The Uzbek national airline " Узбекистон хаво йуллари " incorporates, besides the Tashkent, 12 more regional airports from which three are adapted to reception of planes of the international class.
The new airport in the centre of the basic stocks of mineral resources - is under construction. Учкудуке. Now direct airlines connect Uzbekistan to the largest cities of many countries of the world - New York, London, Frankfurt - на-Майне, Athenes, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Seoul, Delhi and others.
In republic the special attention is given the international systems of transport communications with the purpose of creation of the shortest reliable transport ways providing an exit in the next states and to World ocean.
The railroad line Tedzhen - Серахс - Meshed which is a component of the Trans-Asiatic highway connecting Peking with Istanbul is open. By 2000 on this line freight traffics in both directions up to 6-8 million т, and further increase of them twice are expected.
Movement on this transport corridor will provide to Uzbekistan additional foreign trade communications as to the east - in the countries of Asian - Pacific region, and to the west - Turkey and further to Europe. Thus range of transportations in both directions is reduced more than twice.
In communication and transport maintenance of Uzbekistan realization of project ТРАСЕКА has huge value by rendering technical assistance of the European union within the framework of program ТАСИС providing formation транскавказской of a highway, taking place through territories of the Central - Asian countries, Azerbaijan, Georgia to ports of Black sea.
Along with construction of railways, Uzbekistan Andizhan Ош-Иркештам - Kashgar, giving an exit to China and Pakistan is interested in individual share in construction and reconstruction of highways, and also Bukhara - Серахс - Meshed - Teheran and Termez - Herat - Kandahar - Karachi, allowing to leave to Indian ocean. Use of this transport corridor reduces a way to the countries of the Organization of economic cooperation (ЭКО) three times.
With end of formation and strengthening of a technical condition of these transcontinental highways favorable opportunities for realization of foreign economic relations of Uzbekistan and the countries of the Central Asia, expansion of transit transportations of cargoes and passengers from the countries of Asian - Pacific region, India and China in the countries of Near East, Turkey, and also Europe are created. Besides under these communications practically conterminous to a direction of " the Great silk way ", realization regular cultural, and tourist communications with many countries of the world is possible.
With a view of creation of favorable conditions for development and strengthening international transport and economic relations, Uzbekistan already today carries out a number of organizational - legal and practical measures in the republic.
Due to own resources construction of two large strategically important trunk-railways is begun:
Навои - Учкудук - Султаноиздаг - Nukus, extent of 342 kms, and Гузар - Байсун - Кумкурган, extent of 223 kms, and also reconstruction of a highway Angren - Kokand. Their introduction in operation will allow not only to open access to the richest stocks of natural minerals to lower expenses for transport transportations inside republic, but also will provide an exit to seaports and the international transport communications.

The project of dry port

The project of dry port is of interest from the point of view of creation of an infrastructure of a new transcontinental transport corridor.
The favourable geographical position of Uzbekistan allows to create the central centre as dry port for freight traffics from Far East region of Russia and China to the East Europe, Turkey, Afghanistan and other countries. Creation of such port due to application of present-day technologies of storage, processing (контейнеризации) and transportations will allow essentially to reduce the price of imported and exported cargoes.
The dry port, in opinion of experts, will develop stage by stage and to borrow(occupy) the area from 80 up to 100 га where container terminals will be placed, warehouses, branch lines with taps(removals), and also the uniform centre of logistic which are carrying out dispatching functions.
As a possible site of dry port, the Japanese experts define Sergelijsky area of Tashkent or area of railway station Chukursaj in the Tashkent area.
On tentative estimations of experts, the total cost of the project depending on the sizes of created port amounts to up to 90 million dollars. USA.

The project of a special industrial zone

The purpose of the project - creation in adjacent territories of Bektemirskogo area of Tashkent and the Tashkent area of the first industrial zone the area 200 га with the appropriate infrastructure. Creation of joint venture for management of this zone and attraction of the foreign companies for the organization of the manufactures is supposed. The experience of the Japanese company which have been saved up in the countries of Southeast Asia, allows to expect for an opportunity of creation in republic of an industrial zone hi-tech and focused on export.
The project of a special industrial zone is considered(examined) as pilot with subsequent such creation of industrial zones on all territory of Uzbekistan.
On a tentative estimation of experts, it is supposed to involve till 40-50 the foreign companies working in sphere of high technologies (electronics, means of the communications and so forth) with expected volume of capital investments up to 1,5 billion dollars. USA, export up to 70 % of made production and 25 thousand new workplaces.
For arrangement инфрастуктуры zones (motorways, systems электро-and water supply, communications, telecommunication etc.) attraction of means under program ODA (the official Aid to development) at a rate of up to 100 million dollars is expected. USA.
As organic addition of the project of an industrial zone is considered(examined) the project of dry port as the necessary infrastructure for realization and promotions of production made in this zone on foreign markets by means of railway and motor transport in this case is created.

National airline " Узбекистон хаво йуллари "

The national airline " Узбекистон хаво йуллари " was created in 1992. Its(her) organization has helped to overcome the crisis moments of a transition period and to provide qualified personnel of pilots, техников, dispatchers.
Now operates 36 representations abroad. The park of National airline totals more than 350 planes and helicopters. Operation of present-day air buses is mastered And - 310. The beginning of his(its) operation promoted new understanding and the new relation to aviation business to apply necessary approaches in new conditions, criterion and estimations of the work, professional readiness. Now the airline maintains THREE planes And - 310,
Since November, 1996 operation of air courts " Boeing - 767 " is begun. At support of the government the airline has filled up park of the planes with three such planes. Operation on airlines of the company of air courts " Boeing - 767 " will allow essentially to increase a stream of passengers and will promote expansion of positions of the company in the International market of airtransportations.
From an autumn of 1997 operation of one more new to republic such as planes - European liner " RJ-85 " is provided.
Purchase of these planes is made on the basis of present-day models and mechanisms of financing of bargains on deliveries of air courts. The turned out experience has allowed to become the worthy partner of large foreign and international financial structures:
Эксимбанк, Чейз Манхетен the bank (USA), bank " КФВ " (Germany), ОЕСФ (Japan), the European bank of reconstruction and development etc. is created by Efforts of National airline and Airline " ТРАНСАЭРО " " the CIS the Alliance ". Association of potentials and opportunities of two airlines will allow essentially to raise(increase) efficiency of commercial activity. Within the framework of an alliance uniform approaches to commercial work are developed, the opportunity of use of networks of sales of airtransportations is provided. The alliance has huge potential, it(he) is open for other airlines and his(its) expansion will give additional opportunities to his(its) participants.
In structure of National airline of 12 airports. Continuous work on their modernization is conducted. Works on reconstruction of two runways at the Tashkent airport on II category ИКАО are completed. Works on reconstruction of the airports in Samarkand, Bukhara and Urgench are conducted. Works are assumed in two stages: reconstruction of runways, means of air navigation, the light-signal equipment and buildings of air terminals.
Carrying out functions of the state controls in civil aircraft, the National airline has provided formation of aviation authority of republic, Uzbekistan is full member ИКАО. At active participation of airline it is paraphed 18 and it is signed 36 Agreements on cooperation in the field of air transport between a Republic of Uzbekistan and other states.

The Государственно-joint-stock railway company " Узбекистон темир йуллари ".

Stable functioning of industries and agriculture of a Republic of Uzbekistan is provided with the advanced transport system among which the important place borrows(occupies) a railway transportation. Государственно-joint-stock railway company " Uzbek railways " is formed November, 7, 1994 on the basis of the sites of the former Central Asian railway located in territory of a Republic of Uzbekistan.
Today in structure five branches: Tashkent, Fergana, Bukhara, Приаральское, Каршинское, and also the Khorezm management on transportations of cargoes and passengers. The general operational length of railways of the company makes about 3641 kilometers, processing ability - up to 200 million tons per one year. In structure of the company - 244 stations, including 4-sorting, 2 - passenger, 11 - divisionals and 80 - cargo. Are open for reception and distribution of cargoes of 183 stations. 226 stations are equipped with electric centralization of arrows(pointers) and signals. 780 kilometers of sites of the company are equipped with centralized traffic control and automatic lock-out, 1618 kilometers электрофицировано. Throughput стыковой stations Chengel'dy - up to 100 pairs cargo trains per day, and on стыковых stations Bejneu and Ходжадавлет - up to 40 pairs trains in days.
Management of movement of trains is made from the Uniform dispatching centre. The effective control of use of park of locomotives and cars is carried out. In work of the Uniform dispatching centre are widely used given the automated system of operative management by transportations.
In a passenger facilities(economy) for last ten years сооружены stations also are entered into operation at stations Andizhan, Margelan, Namangan, Karshi, Навои, Urgench, Kyzyl - Тепо, Samarkand, Tashkent - southern, Китаб. It is expanded and reconstructed over 30 stations in the city and regional centres. In the company introduction of the automated system of sale of tickets "Express train - 2" proceeds. In total it is involved more than 120 terminals of this system, from total of available passenger trains two are firm is a train of "Uzbekistan" the message Tashkent - Moscow and " Олтин Водий " - the message Tashkent - Andizhan.
In 1998 the state enterprise of rail transportation "Узжелдоропасс" to which structure all enterprises providing granting of services to passengers are transferred(handed) is created.
In 1998 creation of production associations on the organization of freight traffic, service and repair of a rolling stock is planned.
Reorganization by radical image will touch the central device of the company behind which functions of coordination of activity on maintenance of safe and uninterrupted movement of trains will stay, realization of a uniform politics in the field of development of a railway transportation, development of target state programs, forecasts of economic both social development and other coordination questions.
The general developed(unwrapped) length of the main ways of the company makes about 4300 kilometers. The travelling facilities of the company is maintained by 29 enterprises.

Государственно-joint-stock corporation " Узавтотранс "

Государственно-joint-stock corporation " Узавтотранс " is created under the decision of the Government of Uzbekistan in 1993 on the basis of the Ministry of motor transport.
The field of activity of corporation is extensive and various. It not only autotransportations of passengers and cargoes over Uzbekistan and behind his(its) limits, but also transportations by river transport (the corporation carries out cargo and passenger transportations downwards on the river Amu Darya from port Termez on the узбекско-Afghani borders), all kinds of repair and service of various automobile equipment, assembly of buses and lorries of small carrying capacity, manufacture of spare parts, the garage and non-standard equipment, and also consumer goods, scientific and technical and изобретательская activity in the field of motor transport.
The structure of Государственно-joint-stock corporation " Узавтотранс " includes 530 independent divisions from which 84 % concerns to the not state pattern of ownership, including 332 open joint-stock companies, 42 collective enterprises, 41 association of private autocarriers. The corporation has the divisions in all areas, cities and areas of Uzbekistan
The motor-vehicle pool of corporation totals 46 thousand units of various automobile equipment of 25 marks of manufacture of the countries of the CIS and other states..
Now on a share of corporation it is necessary 85 % of total amount of passenger and 50 % of freight traffic in republic.
On public sector it is necessary 77 % of total amount of cargo, 92 % of passenger transportations.
The autoenterprises of corporation for one year transport about two billions passengers and more than 212 million tons. Various economic cargoes - from the industrial equipment up to the foodstuffs and consumer goods.
Transportations are carried out both inside republic, and for her(it) .пределы in the countries of the CIS, Europe, Asia.
The corporation has a network of autorepair factories on which the service will be carried out(spent), current and major overhaul of automobile equipment of manufactures of the countries of the CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia), and also Germany, Turkey, Czechia and дрСейчас at factories of corporation are made spare parts of 230 names for automobiles practically all marks maintained in republic. Is issued also 130 names of the garage equipment. All work in the given sphere is coordinated with joint-stock association "Узавторемонт". On the basis of his(its) enterprises joint узбекско-turkish enterprise " Ташкочавто " for repair and service of cars " Доган ", узбекско-American enterprise " Газмоторс " for re-equipment of automobiles for work on the compressed natural gas are created. On public sector it is necessary 82 % of industrial production, 91 % of civil and erection works.
The structure of corporation includes large Research-and-production association "Узавтотранстехника". His(its) basic purposes and problems(tasks) is an acceleration of introduction in manufactures of achievements scientifically - technical progress, in view of experience of conducting domestic and foreign firms and the companies.
In structure of the State joint-stock corporation 4 joint ventures operate:
- "Узафгантранс", "Узкитайторгтранс", узбекско-российско-австрийское joint venture " Узкамко ", joint узбекско-турецское enterprise " VCD-INTRANS " (for transportation of automobiles " Нексия ", "Дамас" and "Тико" manufactures joint узбекско-южнокорейского enterprises " УзДЭУавто ").
Work with foreign partners is carried out created in 1996 foreign trade transport by joint-stock company " V.K.Intrans ".
For the accelerated entry in the international transport structure cooperation with transport-forwarding firms of the Baltics, Germany, Poland, Iran, Turkey and other countries is adjusted, with the purpose of maintenance of return loading automobiles. The corporation has joined the seven International conventions regulating the organization and performance of the international autotransportations. Work for connection to 13 international conventions and the agreements regulating the international autotransportations is conducted. The corporation actively participates in realization of large international transport projects. In particular, under program ТРАСЕКА.


Республиканкое self-supporting foreign trade association "Узвнештранс" - is транспортно - the forwarding company. It is based in 1991. Carries out the foreign trade operations, is general декларантом and the forwarding agent on the centralized delivery of export-import cargoes of Uzbekistan.
Primary activity "Узвнештранса" is:
- The organization and realization of all kinds of transportations, including transit, on all types of transport, and also multimodal on the own or rented base;
- Declaring the foreign trade cargoes and the services transported through customs border of a Republic of Uzbekistan;
- The organization of insurance of the foreign trade cargoes and a rolling stock, and also realization of stevedore operations in ports;
- A rating and leasing of vehicles, including containers, the equipment and spare parts to them;
- Holding, инжиниринговая, consulting and marketing activity;
- Chartering courts;
- A supply with information of clients on movement of the transit cargoes following through territory of the countries of the CIS;
- Processing cargoes in boundary reloading points and ports of the CIS and abroad.
"Узвнештранс" has close communications on transportation of cargoes many conducting companies of USA, the Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Austria, South Korea and Switzerland.
"Узвнештранс" renders services and in insurance of the foreign trade cargoes. Carries out storage of cargoes in ports, in customs warehouses, registers and traces passage of cargoes on boundary transitions and transit items(points).

The transport-forwarding company " Урта Осие the Trance "

The transport-forwarding company " Урта Осие the Trance " is one of the largest motor transportation companies in the Central Asia with park of motor vehicles of the European standard. The company has 5 autoenterprises in territory of republic: in Tashkent, the Surkhan-Darya, Dzhizak, Fergana and Andizhan areas.
The basic park of motor vehicles consists of 298 units of motor vehicles of mark " Мерседес Бенц " 1838 LS and 1935 LS with semitrailers of mark "Кегель" and "Шмитц", volume 80 cube. M and carrying capacity of 20 tons. From them 50 refrigerators with a refrigerating machinery " Term Кинг ", 50 - with an isothermal body, 100 - with an all-metal body, 98 - with an awning body.
Besides the company has 100 cargo motor vehicles of mark " КАМАЗ 53212 " with an awning covering, volume 32 cube. M. and carrying capacity of 10 tons. Some automobiles are equipped with satellite system of communications.
The basic kind of activity of the company " Урта Осие the Trance " is transportation of export-import cargoes. The geography of transportations of the company is distributed to all countries of Europe, Turkey, Iran, China, the countries of the CIS.
The basic volume of export transportations is the cotton fibre exported from Uzbekistan which is transported by motor vehicles of the company to Germany, Turkey, Iran. So, the volume of the rendered services for 1997 only on export transportations of a хлопко-fibre has amounted to 2 million dollars. USA. Are in the opposite direction transported cargoes to the countries of the Central Asia.
Now the company is interested in creation of joint venture with large European Транспортно-the forwarding company.
Numerical structure of the company - 1008 workers.
The company has the advanced autorepair base.

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