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Information infrastructure

Information infrastructure

In a Republic of Uzbekistan large-scale works on a supply with information of state bodies, the ministries, departments, concerns, associations, the organizations and the enterprises are conducted. Information technologies find wide application in credit and financial structures, various spheres of economy, a science, education and management. Local, corporate информационно-computer networks are created, electronic information resources are formed, the industry of information services with application of telecommunication networks develops. Already today many ministries, departments and the organizations have an opportunity of access to the network the Internet.
The concept of information of a Republic of Uzbekistan includes:
1. Formation and development of the industry of computer science;
2. Creation of a national information network and uniform information space of republic;
3. Inclusion of republic in world(global) information systems and networks;
4. Introduction of the international standards in the field of information;
5. Introduction of the legal and economic norms stimulating process of information;
6. Stimulation and support fundamental and applied researches in the field of information technologies;
7. Development of system of preparation and retraining of experts in sphere of information.
The concept provides realization, both target programs, and priorities of development in which the most actual directions of information are reflected.
Target programs assume performance of the coordinated program of works in strategically important branches of the industry of information and stimulating scientific and technical break in creation of the basic components of information systems.
The concept stipulates realization of target programs:
1. A national information network;
2. Mathematical and the software of the COMPUTER
3. A personal computer
Priorities of development assume purposeful introduction of present-day information technologies in concrete areas of social and economic sphere of republic.
The concept stipulates work in the following priority directions:
Creation of information systems of the state statistics, credit and financial and bank spheres;
- Formation of departmental electronic databases for rendering information services;
- Creation of Republican network НТИ;
- Information of sphere of education, preparation and retraining of personnel, social protection and public health services;
- Development of telecommunication systems and data transmission;
- Creation of information system of the prevention(warning) and the notification about extreme situations.
The Program of realization of the Concept of information of a Republic of Uzbekistan is developed and coordinated with the ministries and departments of republic.
Responsible(crucial) executors of the Program of the ministry and department of republic. For coordination and regulation of process of information the Interdepartmental commission is created. State body in the field of information is the State Committee of a Republic of Uzbekistan on a science and equipment.
Projects of working and developing information systems (IS):
1. Uniform computer system of data processing in tax bodies;
2. The automated system of information service (АСИО) of the Government of a Republic of Uzbekistan
3. Computer system of National Bank of foreign trade activities;
4. Computer system of operative testing entrants;
5. System of electronic payments of the Central Bank and commercial banks;
6. An interdepartmental информационно-computer network and service UzNet.
Projects of the IS which are taking place at a stage of realization:
1. An information network of the Ministry of macroeconomic and statistics;
2. A computer network of the Central bank;
3. Information system of the Ministry of Justice (a database of acts);
4. The automated information system of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs
5. Information and telecommunication system of the Republican complex of objects of international trade;
6. Computer system of services of employment of the population;
7. Information system of the Ministry of Finance;
8. A uniform information network of law-enforcement bodies (including service of certification);
Projects of the IS which are taking place at a stage of development:
1. The state uniform automated system of a supply with information of foreign trade activities;
2. A republican network of the scientific and technical information.
The investments necessary for sphere of information on creation:
1. The enterprises for assembly of computers and the peripheral equipment;
2. Systems of certification of production and licensing of activity;
3. Технопарка information technologies;
4. Telecommunication service of information services;
5. Systems коммерциализации manufactures of high technology program production;
6. The automated systems for profitless areas (scientific communications, education, public health services).
The largest subjects of the domestic market of information services for today are the Uzbek Information Commercial centre of Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations ("Узинкомцентр" and self-supporting информационно-commercial service " UzNet " at the Cabinet of a Republic of Uzbekistan.
The problems(tasks) facing to these organizations mention practically all spheres of the market of information services.
In "Узинкомцентре" there is an active work on the organization of complete information system of maintenance of the foreign trade activity. For the decision of this problem(task) experts "Узинкомцентра" widely use the newest information technologies. The international cooperation in sphere of the foreign trade information successfully develops. On the basis of the Uzbek Information Commercial centre of Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations the educational centre for preparation and retrainings of experts is organized in the field of information technologies.
In an external economic database developed by experts "Узинкомцентра" the business and internal commercial information will be accumulated. It will enable domestic commodity producers to receive the information necessary for them on a condition of the international and national commodity markets and services.
The circle of potential users of information database "Узинкомцентра" includes also the foreign companies of their representation.
Within the framework of the Uzbek Information Commercial centre the telecommunication infrastructure for connection of users to a global information network the Internet on high-speed channels is organized.
Maintenance of functioning and development of an interdepartmental information computer network, information exchange is assigned to service " UzNet " between participants of an interdepartmental network, formation (together with participants of a network) national information resources. Besides it "UzNet" has the right to participate, together with the interested organizations, in development of the perspective program of development of an interdepartmental network. Thus, naturally, the standard of compatibility with other computer networks is maintained.
Already today "UzNet" the Internet of the state and not state enterprises and the organizations renders services in connection to a network.
Services in connection to the Internet on Узбекистанском the market a lot of other organizations is given also: УзПАК the Uzbek Agency of mail - and telecommunications, the Project of economic reforms and development of the Central Asia (PERDCA), company NAYTOV, The Uzbekistan Free NET, Global net. Computer Communication Center, Business Communications Center. In total services render on networks the Internet in Uzbekistan about 20 companies and the organizations.
Today the legal basis of information safety is defined also. So, the Law " About information ", providing protection of laws of relations of subjects of information, access of legal and physical persons to the information on them, protection of the personal information and the information on private persons is accepted. Besides it are accepted the Law " About protection of the state secrets, determining a category of the state secrets and legal bases of their protection " and the Law " About banks and bank activity ", providing guarantees of preservation of bank secret and the responsibility for its(her) disclosure.


Agency of mails and telecommunications

The republican state network of data transmission "UZPAK" incorporates a telephone system and a network of data transmission.
The telephone system "UZPAK" is constructed at digital stations such as DRX firms " NORTEL " of manufacture of Turkey and renders services междугородной and the international communications. The network covers territory of republic at a level of the regional centres. Has the original numbering, and also an opportunity to give a plenty of service additional services (a call-back, переадресация a call, the accelerated set, group of search etc.).
The network of data transmission "UZPAK" - the national operator of Uzbekistan in the field of data transmission - is organized on the basis of technologies of switching of packages of firm " NORTEL ".
It is used two kinds of access in a network - on the allocated and switched ports. Access in the Internet with use of e-mail is given.
"UZPAK" creates own information networks for the enterprises and has some degrees of protection of the information. Forces "UZPAK" prepare the concept of construction of a national network of data transmission.
The network of data transmission allows:
- To establish connection with any information resource without dependence from his(its) remoteness;
- To make an exchange of messages in a mode of e-mail both inside republic, and behind its(her) limits;
- To carry out(spend) conferences - meetings with several subscribers in a mode of real time;
- To create territorially distributed(allocated) departmental networks of data transmission;
- To organize own information systems and resources of a various degree of access;
- To include in a network both individual users, and local networks;
- To create and develop applied systems on the basis of networks of batch switching and to integrate them in world(global) information space;
- To provide protection against the non-authorized access in local and departmental networks, and also to apply cryptograms to coding messages.
Now it is solved the problem uses of high-speed оптико-fiber channels for communications with the regional centres. In Tashkent it is planned to involve a оптико-fiber transport ring.
The business - plan on creation of the uniform integrated telecommunication network in which in the uniform traffic data transmission and multimedia with use of present-day technologies will be carried out is developed.


Republican production association of broadcasting, radio communication and TV of Uzbekistan

Is part of the Joint-stock company " Халкаро Телеком ". Totals 1500 employees. Now provides эксплуатационно-maintenance service of some means:
- 22 radio-television stations on which it is established 48 powerful and умощенных teleradio transmitters;
- 47 low-power served radiotelevision stations;
- 220 low-power not served retransmitters with total of the equipment 481 ед.--
- 93 broadcasting transmitters, including 38 transmitters UKV CHM, 33 ranges ДВ and OVER and 22-KB a range;
- 75 reception stations of space TV.
The broadcasting to foreign countries is carried out in a direction of Northern Africa, Near and Middle East, Southeast Asia, China, the Central Europe and the states which are taking place to the south of Uzbekistan.
The daily average volume of a broadcasting to foreign countries makes 11 watches, to Turkey, Germany, Austria and Switzerland - 22 watches per days Submission of TV schedules and broadcastings on republic is carried out by 12 radiorelay lines with 74 radiorelay stations. In republic, alongside with Узтелерадиокомпанией, commercial studios of TV function.
The technical park of a network of distribution of transfer and relaying requires reconstruction and development. Basically replacement of the out-of-date equipment television and radio transmitters, construction of radiotelevision stations, installation of reception satellite stations is provided. With use of digital optical fibre and radiorelay telecommunication communication lines on sites Tashkent - Bukhara, Samarkand - Karshi, Bukhara - Nukus and Tashkent - Angren - Andizhan with installation modernization of a main network of transfer of programs is planned for them of the special equipment.
Is planned to begin works on creation of a network of satellite telebroadcasting which will provide transfer of 2 TV schedules and 2 programs of broadcasting on all regions of Uzbekistan, the adjacent states and the countries of distant foreign countries, and also creation of conditions for development of alternative means of telebroadcasting. Close cooperation with conducting foreign firms and manufacturers is supposed in the field of TV and broadcasting for creation of joint ventures and reception of the credit.


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