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Now in Uzbekistan there is a process of formation of national model of tourism. According to experts, in republic annual growth of a stream of tourists on 15 % - twice above forecasts of the World tourist organization is expected.
Tourism turns to perspective branch of national economy, his(its) share in an internal total product of the country makes about 0,4 %.
Uzbekistan has significant tourist potential. Here operates 20 hotels from which 50 % answer the world standards, and also 14 camp sites and campings. The hotel fund has more than 8,6 thousand numbers, including 7 thousand numbers operates the year round. By the beginning of 1998 in branch it was borrowed(occupied) 4,7 thousand person.
In 1997 by the tourist enterprises it was served 730 thousand person, including 350 thousand foreign tourists. By calculations by 2000 the volume of a tourist stream will reach(achieve) 1 million person, including foreign tourists - 650 thousand person. The volume of services to foreign tourists as a whole will reach(achieve) 2 billion US dollars. Including, with the tourist enterprises of National company " Узбектуризм " it will be provided 150,5 million US dollars of currency proceeds.
For maintenance of development of an export potential of republic in sphere of tourist services till 2000 it is supposed to carry out a number of actions for creation of free economic zones of tourism, to perfection of system of additional services to foreign tourists, in view of their streams on interests, creation and optimum use of new tourist routes, development of investment projects on creation of new hotels, campings, zones of leisure, manufacture of a domestic production for equipment of tourist hotels and facilities(economy).
Tourist routes over Uzbekistan include travel on cities of an ancient Silk way and survey about 4000 monuments of monumental architecture, many of which are under guarding of UNESCO, and also more than 140 places of parking of the ancient person. Travel agencies offer the diversified travel on flaring жаром to sandy desert, ski lines at tops of mountains with eternal snows, a hunting and fishery, flights for a hang-glider and mountaneering. Romantic travel on routes " On steps Марко Поло ", " the Caravan of the Sun ", " Bactria - the ground of gold ", " the Caravan of the Great Silk way " are offered etc.
Realization of a uniform politics in development of an infrastructure of the tourism based on the republican concept of priority directions in view of foreign experience is assigned to National company " Узбектуризм ".
Autumn of 1993 National Company " Узбектуризм " has entered the World tourist organization and from this moment asserts the right of Uzbekistan to become coordinating centre of the international project " the Great silk way ". In Tashkent under aegis of the United Nations and UNESCO the international seminar of the World tourist organization " the Silk way " was held. At exit session on the area Registan the Samarkand declaration of countries - participants of development of the international project of a tourist route " the Silk way " was accepted.
As logic continuation of a seminar annually, since 1995, the international tourist fairs " Tourism on the Silk way " on which the structure of participants has increased with 100 up to 170 firms will be carried out(spent).
The certificate of aspiration of the Uzbek tourist organizations enter the world market their permanent job on promotion of the national project on tourism at the international level is, taking part in large international "travel-business" stock exchanges - fairs in London, Berlin, Milan and Moscow. In particular, at seminars of the World tourist organization in Japan and Teheran devoted to " the Silk way ", Uzbekistan is defined as the geographical and coordinating centre of the international project.
Active international activity of republic regarding development of tourism has obtained the recognition on 12 General " to assembly of the World tourist organization which was taking place in Istanbul in October, 1997 where Uzbekistan alongside with France and Italy was selected in the Executive Council of the World tourist organization.
In sphere of tourism in Uzbekistan a number of investment projects together with foreign firms and the companies is already realized.
With participation of foreign partners reconstruction of a hotel complex of "Uzbekistan", joint-stock company " Шодлик " with transfer of management to German firm " Background Кюртен is completed Wanted энд Consulting ". Reconstruction of hotel " Khoresm " in Khiva is completed, in Bukhara hotel complex "Бухоро" is completely completed. Works on reconstruction of a zone of leisure at coast of Syr-Darya are conducted.
However, precomputations show, that additional capital investments which are planned to be carried out due to investments of the foreign companies are necessary for creation of a high-grade infrastructure of tourism in republic.
Reconstruction of hotels " Чор-Су " (Tashkent), "Samarkand" (Samarkand), construction of autoservice complexes in cities of Bukharas, Навои, Samarkand is provided.

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