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Oil-and-gas branch

Oil-and-gas branch

The national corporation of petroleum and gas industry " Узбекнефтегаз " is formed in 1992. Includes 14 basic associations (more than 266 enterprises and the organizations), numbering more than 84,0 thousand чел.
"Убекнефтегаз" will carry out(spend) stage by stage and consistently privatization and a privatization of the enterprises of branch. In 1994 it was privatized 46 enterprises and on their base joint-stock companies, mainly, on service of the basic manufacture on an oil recovery and gas are created. Now in public sector of corporation work about(near) 40 thousand чел. (44 %).
Extracted in republic petroleum and a gas condensate are processed on Fergana, Алтыарыкском and Bukhara oil refining factories which total capacity exceeds 11 million т per one year. At these factories all assortment of production existing in oil refining, including such oils, as transformer, низкозастывающее веретенное, turbine, for rolling mills, compressor stations and others is developed practically.
Газотранспортная the system of republic is included into uniform system of gas mains of the countries of the CIS and has interstate value not only for the Central Asia, but also for the European part of the countries of the CIS and Transcaucasia. Through system it is technically possible to transport production in volume more than 20 billion cube. M per one year.
The reconnoitered potential stocks of gas of republic make 37 %, petroleum with a gas condensate - 14,3 %. These stocks cover needs(requirements) of republic for gas more than for 35 years, petroleum - for 30 years. The degree of clarity of the reconnoitered stocks of petroleum makes 32 %, gas - 37 %.
Development of oil-and-gas branch provides the termination(discontinuance) of import of hydrocarbonic raw material and increase of export of production of his(its) processing.
In 1995 in Uzbekistan for the first time it is extracted about 8 million т petroleum and a condensate.
As a whole, in 1997 - 2000 the oil recovery is stabilized and, in view of extraction of a condensate, the volume of taken liquid hydrocarbons in 2000 amounts to about 10 million т.
By 2000 export of autogasoline will increase and amounts to 400 thousand т, дизтоплива - 700 thousand tons, black oil - up to 200 thousand т, technical oils - 130 thousand т, airkerosene - 150 thousand т, natural gas - up to 9 billion cube. M and the liquefied gas - up to 40 thousand т.
It will allow republic to finish volume of export of production up to 693 million dollars. USA in 2000, including mineral oil - up to 243 million dollars. USA.
It is planned to provide increase of export of production basically, due to realization of investment programs on reconstruction working and to construction of the new enterprises, allowing to raise(increase) quality of let out production up to a level of the international standards and to increase volumes of their manufacture.
Besides works on introduction of specific proposals which will allow to make by 2000 нефтегазопромысловое and the chisel equipment, and also spare parts for the sum up to 32 million dollars are carried out. USA got now abroad.
Bowels of Uzbekistan contain the high stock of hydrocarbons estimated more than in 1 трлн. Dollars. USA. In five нефтегазоносных regions openly more than 160 oil fields and gas, from them 92 - are in development. Among them such large and unique deposits, as Газли, Шуртан, Зеварды, Кокдумалак and others. Depth залегания oil fields and gas changes from 800 meters in (Бухаро-Khivan region) up to 6000 meters and more (in the central part of the Fergana hollow). In Fergana valley пробурена the deepest (6112 meters) a chink in the Central Asia, an opening deposit of petroleum with industrial stocks.
Hydrogen sulphide and the sulphurous connections contained in gas and a gas condensate, are taken and конверсируются in sulfur on Мубарекском газоперерабатывающем a factory and on Шуртанском the gas complex maintaining one largest in the world zeolitic installation. Total capacity of these enterprises for processing gas makes cube about 40 billion. M per one year. The volume of developed sulfur makes more than 330 thousand т per one year.
In 1998 creation Шуртанского газохимического a complex on manufacture of polythene and the liquefied gas is begun, design which annual capacity amounts to on polythene - 125 thousand т, to the liquefied gas - 137 thousand т and to an easy condensate - 37 thousand т.
For the further development of oil-and-gas branch construction Шуртанского газохимического a complex and investigation of Ustjurtskogo region is planned, with the purpose of increase of the reconnoitered stocks of hydrocarbonic raw material, the further escalating of volumes of extraction and processing.
The hydrocarbonic potential of region is estimated almost in 4 billion т conditional fuel, and there are all necessary preconditions for detection of new oil fields and gas.
To present time one is open seven deposits, from which gas and six - газоконденсатных. The largest on volume of stocks of gas are deposits Шахпахты, Урга, Акчалак which initial stocks on industrial categories make more than 95 billion cube. M.
In frameworks of Ustjurtskogo region it is allocated six investment blocks with the following characteristics.
Куанышский the investment block in the size 110х25-40 km, the general area 4200 sq. km. Perspective resources of gas 325 billion cube. M, liquid hydrocarbons - about 270 million т. Within the limits of the block there are six structures prepared for deep drilling and two revealed traps of the hydrocarbons, not less than five expected perspective objects.
Ургинский the investment block in the size 100х25 km, the general area 2500 sq. km. Perspective resources of gas 265 billion cube. M, liquid hydrocarbons - about 270 million т.
Within the limits of the block there are 4 structures prepared for deep drilling, 5 revealed traps of hydrocarbons, not less than 7 expected perspective local objects.
Акчалакский the investment block in the size 50х40 km, the general area 2000 sq. km. Perspective resources of gas - 125 billion cube. M, liquid hydrocarbons - more than 130 million т. Within the limits of the block there are 5 structures prepared for deep drilling, 6 revealed traps of the hydrocarbons, five expected local objects.
Агыинский the investment block covers the western part of a plateau Ustyurt. His(its) sizes 95х11 1 kms, the general area 10 thousand sq. km. Perspective resources of gas 200 billion cube. M, liquid hydrocarbons - more than 600 million т. Within the limits of the block there are 2 structures prepared for deep drilling, 6 revealed traps of hydrocarbons and not less than 18-20 predicted.
Шахпахтинский the investment block is located in a southern part of a plateau Ustyurt. His(its) sizes 90х45-60 km, the general area 5 thousand sq. km. Perspective resources of gas 270 billion cube. M, petroleum - 300 million т. Within the limits of the block is present 2 structures prepared for deep drilling, 5 revealed and more than 10 predicted.
Араломорский the investment block covers a part of present-day Aral sea, his(its) drained part and adjoining territories. His(its) sizes 200х140-180 km, the general area 25 thousand sq. km. The minimal estimation of predicted resources of gas makes cube about 500 billion. M, liquid hydrocarbon - more than 150 million т. Within the limits of the block are prepared for deep drilling 2 structures, 5 local traps are revealed and predicted 18.
The settlement profit on capital investments in offered investment projects changes from 4,5 up to 13,5 billion US dollars. Thus profitability of projects, on the average, makes 20 %, a time of recovery of outlay of investments of 5-6 years.
"Узбекнефтегаз" actively cooperates with foreign partners. In 1992-1997 years with foreign firms it is made contracts for the sum 213,7 million dollars. USA.
Joint ventures on manufacture of high-quality lubricant oils with company " Тексако " (USA) are created and operate; "Газкомпрессор" on translation of motor transport with " Американ Engineering Инкорпорейтед " (USA); " УзМал ойл " on development and operation of the exhausted petroleum deposits with the company " Пробади СНД БХД " (Malaysia).
With corporation " Энрон " (USA) is studied the project on joint development of group газоконденсатовых deposits in Bukhara area (Кандымский the project). His(its) realization annually in addition will allow to extract and export cube up to 6 billion. M of natural gas.
The volume of foreign investments in oil-and-gas branch of Uzbekistan by 2000 will reach(achieve) from above 1,5 billion dollars. USA.
"Узбекнефтегаз" for participation in investment projects offers foreign partners of 13 investment blocks for search and investigation with the subsequent development of oil fields and gas, including:
The Karakalpak investment project - 2 blocks,
Араломорский the investment project - 1 block,
Бешкентский the investment project - 3 blocks,
Коракульский the investment project - 1 block,
Рометанский the investment project - 1 block,
The Kashkadarinskai investment project - 1 block,
Гиссарский the investment project - 1 block,
The Surkhan-Darya investment project - 1 block,
The Fergana investment project - 2 blocks.
For development are offered petroleum подгазовые to a deposit on 12 reconnoitered deposits with total stocks of petroleum (geological) 65 million т.
With the purpose of an intensification of an oil recovery on it is long developed deposits 18 petroleum deposits in Fergana and Бухаро-Khivan нефтегазоносных areas with total initial stocks of petroleum (geological) 110 million т on which till now it is extracted all 34 million т petroleum are offered.
For arrangement and input in development 32 new oil fields completed by investigation and gas with stocks up to 50 billion cube are offered. M, petroleum - up to 5 million т.

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