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The Uzbek association radio-electronic, electrotechnical

The Uzbek association of the radio-electronic, electrotechnical industry and instrument making "Узэлтехсаноат"

The association of the enterprises of the radio-electronic, electrotechnical industry and instrument making "Узэлтехсаноат" is organized in 1994.
After reorganization of concern in association, work on разукрупнению large industrial associations and to creation of joint-stock companies, she(it) unites 108 industrial enterprises and the organizations of republic specializing on import electrical engineers, electronics, a radio engineering, computer facilities, and also on manufacture of the equipment. In structure of association research and design bureaues, the trading - intermediary organizations, the enterprises for repair and maintenance service of the equipment, construction divisions etc.
Among specified - 38 largest enterprises of republic, such as ГАО "Узкабель", joint-stock company " photon ", joint-stock company " algorithm ", joint-stock company " Samarkand лифтостроительный a factory ", joint-stock company " Джизакаккумулятор ", joint-stock company NPO " Узэлектроаппарат ", joint-stock company " transformer ", joint-stock company " electric motor ", joint-stock company " Элма " and others.
Aggregate number working in association - from above 26 thousand person.
In 1998 it is planned to let out an industrial and technological production and the consumer goods for the sum more billion сумов. Export will exceed 21 million dollars. USA. The enterprises will make the wide nomenclature кабельно-проводниковой production, electric motors, power(force) and welding transformers, the low-voltage equipment, the electrotechnical equipment, storage alkaline batteries, lifts, semi-conductor devices, resistors, switches and many other things.
The enterprises of branch completely satisfy needs(requirements) of Uzbekistan for above-stated production. Thus the share of production which is taken out for limits of republic, in total amount of manufacture reaches(achieves) 30 %.
The basic customers of production of the enterprises of association are numerous consumers from Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan.
Production of the enterprises is exported also to Estonia, Lithuania, Korea, Bulgaria, USA, India, United Arab Emirates, and other countries. A basis of export deliveries are copper and троллейный a wire, semi-conductor devices, power(force) transformers, complete transformer substations, the low-voltage equipment, articles from crystal and the consumer goods, appear авиа and other services.
In structure of association more than 20 joint ventures based with such known firms, as " Централ Металлз энд Рисайклинг " (USA); "Эльтам" (Great Britain); " Space ориентал инвестмент " (Hong Kong), " Аджанта фарма ЛТД " (India), "Латура" (Latvia), joint-stock company " spring " (Ukraine) etc.
With a view of deep processing extracted in republics меди, on ГАО "Узкабель" works on modernization of working capacities, increase of a technological level and competitiveness let out кабельно-проводниковой production are planned.
Till 2000 at the enterprises of association " Узэлтехпром " it is planned to lead(carry out) a complex of works on improvement of quality of let out production, its(her) reduction conformity with international standards МЭК and ИСО. Wide introduction of shaped coding, improvement of packing and design of articles is supposed.
Priority directions are development of manufacture of complex(difficult) home appliances on the basis of joint ventures with the leading firms of the world having high technologies and "know-how".
The association offers foreign partners cooperation in realization of such priority projects of manufacture, as:
- The equipment for a meal of autotractor equipment by the compressed and liquefied gas;
- An electric equipment of automobiles;
- Traffic signs, traffic lights, indexes for авто and railways;
- The weight equipment for trading establishments, дехканских the markets;
- Devices of the account of energy carriers (water, the electric power, gas, fuel);
- Radio receivers of a various class;
- Household devices (microfurnaces, mixers, juice extractors, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, fans etc.);
- Electronic games and the goods for children;
- Bicycles, велолодки, velosimulators, invalid carriages;
- Motor-compressors for conditioners and refrigerators;
- Systems of a drop irrigation and electronic management of them;
- кабельно-проводниковая production, including оптико-fiber;
- Devices of economy of thermal energy in a life and in manufacture, and also in other spheres of activity.

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