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The coal-mining industry

The coal-mining industry

Valley р. Angren in the Tashkent area is most industrially advanced region of Uzbekistan and all Central Asia. Here the mining enterprises, including Ангренский угольно-каолиновый a complex of joint-stock company " coal " successfully work. This unique enterprise in republic obtaining coal. Into structure of joint-stock company " coal " enter a number of the coal-mining enterprises.
Uzbekistan has the reconnoitered stocks of coal in volume 1,9 billion т.
The coal mining in republic is conducted on three deposits: Ангренское (brown coal), Шаргуньское and Байсунское (coal).
The coal mining on Ангренском a deposit brown углей with the general(common) stocks 1850 million т is conducted by three enterprises with essentially various technology of extraction: coal cut(section) "Ангренский" the mine(shaft) № 9 - a underground way, - station " Подземгаз " a method of underground gasification conducts improvement of stocks by an open way. The volume of an annual coal mining on a deposit makes about 5 million т.
Вскрышные breeds Ангренского of a deposit of coal contain каолины, limestones, quartz sand and loams which are extracted in passing and are used now very much is limited. Каолиновая thickness of a deposit is submitted by two types of breeds: initial каолины, deposited below coal layer, and secondary переотложенные каолины, deposited above a coal layer. On balance 1,4 billion т каолинов, authorized is as raw material for manufacture of alumina, cement and a brick, including 33 million т initial каолинов - as raw material for manufacture огнеупоров, electroisolators and thin ceramics, porcelain, and also 3,6 million т secondary каолинов as raw material for a ceramic industry.
It is most perspective and expansion of use secondary grey and multicoloured каолинов is economically expedient.
Secondary grey and multicoloured каолины are extracted in passing with coal in quantity(amount) 5 million tons per one year, that under condition of their enrichment completely can provide needs(requirements) not only republics but also to export the given kind of raw material. Transition of the basic consumers of republic on каолины Ангренского deposits, and also construction on their base of new factories, including on manufacture огнеупоров, sanitary articles from faience, ceramic плитки completely will allow to refuse import of the given raw material from other countries.
Construction of a factory on crushing and enrichment каолина will allow to expand sphere of his(its) application considerably.
Except for Ангренского deposits, joint-stock company " coal " are developed Байсунское and Шаргуньское deposits in the Surkhan-Darya area.
Шаргуньское and Байсунское coal deposits with the general(common) stocks 44 million т are fulfilled by a underground way for maintenance with coal of southern regions of Uzbekistan, and also Tadjikistan and Туркмении.
On the basis of mine(shaft) " Шаргуньская " the factory by a designed capacity 200 thousand т briquettes is constructed брикетная. As binding by manufacture of briquettes the technology traditional for similar conditions with application нефтебитума is used.
Байсунский coal, in view of the high qualities, can be used as valuable chemical raw material (коксобрикеты, адсорбенты, liquid fuel etc.).
Estimation of an existing condition of the enterprises of branch have allowed to reveal priority directions of development and reorientation of coal branch by attraction of foreign investments. Development of these directions should improve an economic condition of the enterprises which are included in association and to raise(increase) an export potential of branch. In particular, this introduction of high technologies of manufacture of works on mountain extraction and replacement on new the out-of-date equipment.
The need(requirement) of republic for a corner will be saved in volume 4,0-4,5 thousand т per one year. Export opportunities will increase by 2000 up to 320 thousand т per one year. With 1999 is planned to begin manufacture enriched initial каолина in quantity(amount) 120 thousand т per one year and to finish his(its) manufacture up to 200 thousand т per one year by 2000, directing all made product on export.
The basic gain of a coal mining the nearest years also is in the long term planned to be carried out due to development of an open way of extraction on cut(section) "Ангренский".

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