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Electric power industry

Electric power industry

In Uzbekistan 37 power stations function, established which capacity makes 11200 МВт, including thermal power stations - 9800 МВт, hydroelectric power stations - 1400 МВт with potential capacity of manufacture of the electric power in volume 56-57 billion KW-H per one year. Volumes of the developed electric power in republic allow to satisfy needs(requirements) of the power-intensive industrial enterprises of the country; the part of the electric power is exported.
Four thermal power stations have capacity more than 1000 МВт everyone. It is the Syr-Darya state district power station, it New - Ангренская a state district power station, the Tashkent state district power station, Навоийская a state district power station.
Construction of the largest in Central Asia Талимарджанской a state district power station by a designed capacity 3200 МВт is conducted.
The water-power engineering is submitted by 28 hydroelectric power stations, from which largest Чарвакская HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, capacity 620 МВт.
In total on power stations of republic it is established 130 турбо-and hydrounits, including 37 present-day power units by individual capacity from 150 up to 300 МВт.
The enterprises of the ministry of power and electrification carry out centralized теплоснабжение in 13 cities of republic. The established capacity of water-heating boilers makes 6200 Гкал/ч.
In structure of the initial power resources used for manufacture электро - and теплоэнергии, gas fuel makes 84 %, black oil - 11 % and coal - 5 %.
Extent of electric networks of all pressure(voltage) makes more than 227 thousand kms, including a pressure(voltage) 35 KB and is higher - than 33,9 thousand kms, cable transmission lines of-10,3 thousand kms.
Adjusting capacity of network transformers exceeds 42600 МВА.
The program of development of an export potential of a Republic of Uzbekistan plans increase of manufacture of the electric power about 46,5 billion КВт./ч in 1997 up to 51,7 billion KW-H, including on export will be directed 200 million КВт./ч. In these purposes for the period till 2000 end of construction New - Ангренской to a state district power station with input of the power unit 300 МВт on base ангренского coal, Мубарекской thermal power station with input of a turbogenerator by capacity 80 МВт and commissioning of the first power unit 800 МВт on Талимарджанской a state district power station with use малосернистого gas Шуртанского of a deposit that creates favorable conditions for foreign and internal investors is provided.
Creation Талимарджанской a state district power station will allow to provide stable electrosupply of a national economy of Uzbekistan and other republics of the Central Asia and to export energy.
Priority direction in the further increase of efficiency of use of the equipment is the project of reconstruction of the Syr-Darya state district power station which basic purpose will be restoration of capacity of reconstructed power units up to design size 300 МВт with decrease(reduction) of the specific charge of fuel to a level 330 г/КВт./ч.
Reconstruction provides replacement of existing rotors of low pressure of turbines by more present-day and improvement by a state district power station of systems of circulation of water and water-preparation.
Realization of the project annually will allow to develop in addition 650 million КВт./ч of electric power to save 100 million cube. M of natural gas and to raise(increase) as a whole reliability of work of power station.
Development of water-power engineering is based on use of small water-currents with an energy potential of the order 1 billion KW-H and construction Пскемской HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION on р. Пскем (the Tashkent region), the established capacity 450 МВт with development(manufacture) 0,9 billion kw-h of the electric power per one year.
The gain теплопотребления is planned to cover due to the further development теплоисточников, reconstruction and translation in теплофикационный a mode of the Tashkent state district power station, a construction New - Tashkent газотурбинной thermal power station, electric capacity 450 МВт and thermal - 1000 Гкал/ч and the Fergana THERMAL POWER STATION - 2, capacity accordingly 230 МВт and 650 Гкал/ч.
With a view of decrease(reduction) of harmful influence энергопроизводства on an environment introduction сероочистных is planned and золоулавливающих installations on Newer - Ангренской a state district power station.

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