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Металлодобывающая the industry
Металлодобывающая the industry

Алмалыкский mountain - metallurgical combine

One republic from conducting industries nonferrous metallurgy which is based on local resources is.
The branch was generated in 40-50 years and submitted by the copper, свинцово-zinc industry, manufacture of the rare and precious metals concentrated basically to Angren - Алмалыкском mining area (the Tashkent area).
Strategy of development of a metallurgical complex is directed on a rational combination of extraction and manufacture precious, color, black, rare and редкоземельных metals.
To number of the largest enterprises of branch belongs Алмалыкский mountain - metallurgical combine.
The structure of combine includes 4 mining enterprises, 2 concentrating factories, 2 metal works.
Manufacture Алмалыкского of mountain - metallurgical combine is focused on two directions: медно - молибденовое and свинцово-zinc, with the completed production cycle and release of finished goods as refined меди, аффинированных precious metals, metal zinc.
Copper manufacture includes mining divisions - mines Kal'makyr and to the Сары-check, copper concentrating factory, медеплавильный a factory.
The deposit медно - porphyritic ores Кальмакыр is open in middle of 20th years. On it(him) the ores containing медь, gold, silver, molybdenum, рений, selenium, tellurium and others are extracted.
Initial sulphidic ores are submitted, basically, the following minerals: халькопирит, молибденит, пирит and халькозин. Gold and silver are connected to a crystal lattice халькопирита and in part пирита, the small part is in a native kind. Sulphidic ORES of the given deposit легкообрабатываемые, extraction меди from ore makes from 75 up to 80 %.
With the purpose of reduction of expenses for transportation of breed and ore, and also improvement of an ecological situation in career, the construction of two import high-efficiency дробильно-conveyor complexes from which one intends for transportation of breed, and another - ores is supposed.
The deposit медно-порфированных ores to the Сары-check is open in the beginning of 30th years. Обогащаемость ores high also changes within the limits of 80-85 %.
Now ores of a deposit to the Сары-check are processed at свинцово-zinc concentrating factory. On mine the copper ores containing медь, molybdenum, silver, рений, selenium, tellurium, sulfur etc. elements are extracted. Stocks of balance ore in career ensure the functioning career on the nearest 20 - into 25 years.
Свинцово-zinc manufacture includes Уч-Калачское рудоуправление, the three-copecks Piece - Топканское рудоуправление, свинцово-zinc concentrating factory, a zinc factory.
The basic stocks of a deposit свинцово-цинково-баритовых ores Уч-Кулач will ensure the functioning of the enterprise on 50 - 60 years.
On mine the свинцово-zinc ore containing lead, zinc, silver cadmium, bismuth, sulfur and other elements is extracted.
Production which is let out Алмалыкским by mountain - metallurgical combine, is competitive and uses a stable demand in the world market.
With a view of increase of release of color and precious metals, Алмалыкский the mountain - metallurgical combine has developed the Program of reconstruction and modernisation.
According to the Program reconstruction of a дробильно-concentrating complex of copper concentrating factory with application высокообогатительного the import equipment, introduction of cyclic - line technology on career Кальмакыр, construction of a factory on processing nonferrous metals, reconstruction медеплавильного a factory will be carried out(spent) on the basis of introduction, the newest technology факельно-барботажной swimming trunks etc.
Financing of the planned actions is provided due to attraction of foreign investors on conditions акционирования combine.

Новоийский mountain - metallurgical combine

Новоийский the mountain - metallurgical combine is based in 1958. This large versatile enterprise is located in Central Кызылкумах - a unique ore province. Deposits of uranium, gold, silver, tungsten, phosphorites, table salt, a marble, manganese and turquoise, a facing stone, quartz sand for manufacture of a glass, faience, ceramics here are open.
The combine includes the completed cycle of manufacture of uranium, gold, silver and other production. In passing with the basic metals are taken and made a palladium and рений.
In structure of combine - five рудоуправлений.
Northern рудоуправление, located in city of Uchkuduk incorporates the mining enterprise for extraction of uranium and gold, золотоизвлекательный a complex, сернокислотное manufacture, and also carries out extraction and processing of marble blocks.
Central рудоуправление - one of the largest in the world золотоизвлекательных the complexes, including mine of open works on extraction of gold and a metal works using гравитационно-сорбционную technology of extraction of gold from a pulp. Gold let out by a factory and silver is guaranteed to four девятками (99,99) cleanlinesses. The arbitration laboratory of the London market has appropriated(given) to the gold which is let out on this metal works the status of " optimum delivery ", that is has registered a trade mark of a Republic of Uzbekistan. Here there is a scale - активационная laboratory on manufacture of analyses золотосодержащих ores.
In city of Zaravshane are deployed joint узбекско-American gold mining enterprise " Заравшан-Ньюмонт ".
Рудоуправление № 5 is in city of Zafarabade of Bukhara area. The basis of it(him) is made by three mines underground выщелачивания uranium.
Southern рудоуправление it is located in the Samarkand area in city of Nurabade. It incorporates mines underground выщелачивания uranium and open-cast mining мраморов, mine of chisel works, a factory on manufacture поливинихлоридных pipes, камнерезный a factory.
Рудоуправление № 2 (. Красногорск) incorporates карьер on extraction of blocks габбро and the concentrating factory earlier used for enrichment of fluorite ores, nowadays reconstructed for enrichment of phosphoritic ores.
Engineering staff of combine, his(its) management it is located in the regional centre - city of Navoi.
In aspect of offers Навоийский the mountain - metallurgical combine has in industrial scale:
- Cyclic - line technology of transportation of mining weight from the career, considerably raising efficiency of working transport systems;
- A complex of systems and methods of creation of ecologically normal working conditions in deep карьерах;
- Unique in the world ионообменной technology гравитационно-сорбционного extraction of gold from a pulp;
- Unique technology in the world of express definition of the maintenance(contents) of gold in tests of rocks and ores of gold deposits scale активационным a method with application сильноточных linear accelerators электронов (together with the All-Russia scientific research institute of technical physics and automatics);
- Unique in the countries of the CIS technology compact выщелачивания gold from poor ores (together with the American company " Newmont Mining Corporation ")
- Unique technology in the world безреагентного скважинного underground выщелачивания uranium;
- Methodology of search, investigation and industrial development of deposits уранредкометальных ores черносланцевой formations, with complex extraction of uranium, vanadium, molybdenum, scandium, иттриево-редкоземельного a concentrate;
- The automated system " ore " allowing with use of present-day computer facilities to carry out geological maintenance of mountain works and to operate quality of extracted raw material (together with Russian joint-stock company " Интегра ");
- System of the automated designing technological preparation of mountain manufacture (together with Russian joint-stock company " Интегра ").
Besides Новоийский the mountain - metallurgical combine can offer:
- High quality jewels of 585 tests (chains of 400 names distinguished by a way are viscous, length, presence of a diamond side and weight from 1 up to 50 grammes; bracelets of the same kinds, as chains, weight from 0,9 up to 2,3 grammes);
- поливинихлоридные pipes of various diameter which with success replace polyethylene;
- Finishing плитку from a marble of various color scale.

Combine of refractory and heat resisting metals

The Uzbek combine of refractory and heat resisting metals is included into number of world manufacturers вольфрамомолибденовой production and is the basic supplier вольфрамомолибденовой a wire, молибденового flat hire, refractory metals and the monocrystals received fusible method of powder metallurgy.
At combine technological processes, as сорбция tungsten and molybdenum from industrial solutions, автоклавно-soda opening вольфрамитовых concentrates, manufacture of a tungstic wire from шеелитовых concentrates, manufacture of lengthy electrodes for vacuum напыления are mastered such unique, not having analogues in the world.
Technical equipment of combine provides release more than 130 kinds of a commodity output производственно - the technical purpose(assignment), appropriate to requirements of the world standards.
For high quality молибденовых штабиков in 1995 the Union of entrepreneurs of Europe has awarded combine " Gold globe ".
The combine delivers production to Germany, Israel, India, USA and while remains the unique supplier in the countries of the CIS of such kind of production as tungsten metal and a tungstic wire.
In the international market molybdenum metal (powder), молибденовый hire (a wire and a string), молибденовые штабики, tungstic hire uses the basic demand.
Taking into account increase of demand for such kind of production as молибденовая rolled жесть, the combine finishes now equipment of manufacture by the import equipment on his(its) release, within the framework of a foreign credit to the amount 32,1 million US dollars. On account of this credit in 1997 the equipment for release of a tungstic string in cost 22,1 million dollars on capacity 1,5 billion meters of a string per one year is started in operation.
The combine, during last three years, actively cooperates with a number of foreign firms on questions of creation joint the enterprise for manufacture:
- Tungstic anhydride, powders and штабиков tungsten;
- Ammonium «½¿íñÑ¡«ó«-sour, powders and штабиков molybdenum;
- молибденовых preparations (compact metal) and прокатно-pulled articles from molybdenum and alloys on his(its) basis.
Due to the organization of joint ventures on the basis of separate shops and manufactures it is planned to increase release of production focused on export - molybdenum, tungsten and прокатно-pulled articles from molybdenum about 9,2 million US dollars in 1998 up to 34,1 million US dollars in 2001.
With a view of development of release of new kinds of production using raised(increased) demand in the foreign markets, combine прелагается a number of the projects demanding investments:
- Reception of especially pure(clean) salts of tungsten and molybdenum;
- Manufacture редкоземельных metals special cleanliness: scandium, оксида scandium (99,995 %), scandium metal distilled (99,99 %), иттрия, europium, самария, лютеция metal (99,99 %).
- Manufacture мелкодисперсного карбида tungsten on the basis of ultra disperse powders of tungsten a method of plasma restoration.
Expenses for realization of these projects are estimated in 10-13 million dollars. USA that will allow to make production focused on export on 5-9 million dollars. USA per one year.

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