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Gold mining branch

Gold mining branch

The branch includes 5 gold mining mines, 3 золотоизвлекательные factories and one дробильно-шихтовальную installation on manufacture of flux raw material for copper manufacture.
The gold mining enterprises maintain deposits Кочбулак, Кызылалмасай, Пирмираб, Гузаксай, Каульды, Марджанбулак, Зармитан and Каракутан.
With a view of increase of investment potential of branch, maintenance of the further development of gold mining for the period till 2005 the Program of development of an export potential of manufacture of precious metals is developed. The program provides increase of manufacture of precious metals in 2,7 times that will allow to raise(increase) an export potential about 44 million dollars. USA in 1997 up to 123 million dollars. USA in 2005.
The basic perspective directions in the field of escalating gold mining for the period 1998-2005 years are:
- Development of mountain works and maintenance of processing capacities золотосодержащим raw material that predetermines works, first of all, on commissioning stocks of a site Southern Каульды, deposits Актурпак, II mine horizon of a deposit 51армитан, horizon штольни 57 deposits Пирмираб;
- Work on reconstruction of a tail facilities(economy) on Марджанбулакской and Чадакской золотоизвлекательных factories, clearing constructions and reconstruction водоотлива on Зармитанском mine;
- Attraction of foreign investments and creation of joint ventures.
The stipulated works on these directions will allow to finish manufacture on all enterprises up to a level of gold of 4695 kg and 16080 kg of silver in 2001.
On Марджанбулакском gold mining mine realization of reconstruction золоизвлекательной factories is planned with the purpose of involving in processing persistent sulphidic золотосодержащих ores.
The increase of volumes of manufacture золотосодержащей flux ore Каульдинским is planned by gold mining mine due to construction and putting into operation of site Актурпак and the second line of a crushing site. Processing capacity of mine will be lead up up to 120 thousand т fluxes(dental abscesses) per one year.
With a view of attraction of foreign investments for perfection of existing obtaining and processing capacities of the enterprises and increases of manufacture of precious metals in branch are created joint ventures.
So, on base Ангренского of gold mining mine joint venture " Angren Голд Компани " which activity is directed on increase of capacity of mine on extraction and processing of ore up to 1200 thousand т and manufactures of gold up to 10 т to one year by 2003 is created.
On base Зармитанского of gold mining mine and deposit Гужумсай the joint venture is conducted study of creation of joint venture " Зармитан Голд Компани ". On development of mine and realization of construction золотоизвлекательной it is supposed to direct factories about 190 million dollars. USA. Creation o the given enterprise will allow to increase volume of extraction of ore up to 2000 thousand т, and manufactures of gold - up to 10 thousand т per one year.
In 2000 the termination(ending) of reconstruction of a tail facilities(economy) on Чадакском mine where since 1994 works are stage by stage conducted is stipulated and opening in 1999-2000 years of stocks of horizon of a 1046-meter site Southern Пирмираб with input on extraction of ore 30 thousand т per one year is planned.
On Каульдинском mine with input of a site Southern Каульды in 2001 it is supposed to increase capacity of mine on extraction by 40 %. The same year on Зармитанском mine it is necessary to construct clearing constructions of mine waters and to open stocks of ore on 2-nd mine horizon for maintenance of extraction of ore.
In 2002-2003 years on Марджанбулакском mine reconstruction of factory with construction of branch of flotation and end of reconstruction of a tail facilities(economy) is planned.
Attraction of foreign investments and realization of projects with foreign partners will allow to create in addition more than 2 thousand workplaces in areas with superfluous labour potential, application of the newest technologies on extraction and processing золотосодержащих ores will provide optimum for a present-day level consumption of energy and raw material, and also construction теплоэнергоустановок for industrial and civil needs.

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