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The Republic of Uzbekistan has a powerful ¿¡ÑÓá½ý¡«-raw-material base and the big prospects of its(her) increase, has real opportunities for rise of a national economy due to the further escalating the reconnoitered stocks and extraction of minerals. It is revealed more than 2700 deposits and displays of various minerals more than 100, from them more than 60 are already used in a national economy.
It is reconnoitered 940 deposits, including 165 - petroleum, gas and a condensate; 3-coals; 46 - precious metals; 36 - color, rare and jet metals; 17 - mining, 9 - mountain - chemical and 21 камнесамоцветного raw material; 495 - building materials of various purpose(assignment), 151 deposit of underground waters of хозяйственно-drinking, industrial and balneological application.
Only 45 % of the reconnoitered objects are involved in improvement. Investigation of new deposits of iron, вермикулита is conducted, searches of nonconventional kinds for republic of mineral raw material are conducted with the purpose of replacement of minerals imported from another(others) republics local, the hydromineral raw material is studied as one reception from sources of useful components.
On a number of the major minerals, such as gold, uranium, медь, natural gas, tungsten, potash salts, phosphorites, каолины the Republic of Uzbekistan on the confirmed stocks and prospects of their increase borrows(occupies) conducting places not only in the countries of the CIS, but also in the world.
The reconnoitered stocks of minerals are estimated more than billion US dollars, and the general(common) ¿¡ÑÓá½ý¡«-raw potential about 3,5 billion US dollars. Now it is extracted while from bowels of mineral raw material on 200 million dollars.
In economy of Uzbekistan extraction and processing of minerals borrows(occupies) one of conducting places, renders the big influence on development of a national economy.
On the basis of the reconnoitered stocks, now in republic operates more than 440 нефтегазопромыслов, mines, mines(shafts), карьеров, factories, etc., 380 water-fences, balneological clinics and factories on pouring dining rooms, лечебно - dining rooms and medical waters.
In a total national product of republic the share of a mining and processing complex makes about one third.
On stocks of gold of Uzbekistan borrows(occupies) 4 place, and on a level of his(its) extraction - 7 in the world; on stocks of uranium - 7 - 8-places, and on his(its) extractions - 4-; on stocks меди - 10-place. There are significant stocks of natural gas, silver, lithium, fluor spar, phosphorites, feldspar etc.
The present-day condition of preparatory stocks of mineral raw material not only provides steady work of working mining complexes, but also allows essentially to increase and again to organize extraction of a lot of the major minerals - gold, uranium, меди, lead, zinc, silver, lithium, phosphorites, potash salts, fluor spar, волластонита etc.
In total under 14 working both prepared mining and prospecting projects foreign investments more than 1,3 billion US dollars from which it is already realized 265 million US dollars are expected.
Recently special interest arises to development of a deposit of potash salts as raw material for manufacture бесхлорных potash fertilizers.
The deposit of rare alkaline metals (lithium, rubidium, caesium) on which the original without waste technology of processing of ores is developed is rather perspective.
Significant stocks of the mining raw material used in mountain and nonferrous metallurgy, the electrotechnical, abrasive, fire-resistant, фарфорово-faience industry, mountain - chemical manufacture of phosphoric and potash fertilizers, агроруд (in a natural kind) and others are prepared.
The Republic has advanced culture of the mining industry, a favorable infrastructure in the areas offered to investment of objects. Many deposits can be fulfilled by an open, cheapest way. There are technologies of processing of the mineral raw material, allowing to receive high extraction of useful components. Made production is competitive and has the constant market.
The low cost price of made production provides high efficiency of capital investments in comparison with similar projects of the next states.
The main guarantors of protection of investments in the mining industry of a Republic of Uzbekistan
Are political and economic stability in the country and presence of the legislative base providing a favorable mode for activity of foreign investors.

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