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The chemical industry

The chemical industry

The chemical industry of Uzbekistan from time of its(her) creation was guided mainly by manufacture of mineral fertilizers. Significant development has received manufacture of chemical means of protection of plants, chemical fibres and strings, synthetic washing-up liquids, paint and varnish materials, spirit, general mechanical rubber articles.
Complex development of the enterprises of the chemical industry of a Republic of Uzbekistan is referred to priority nation-wide problems(tasks) of the present stage of development of economy.
The chemical industry having in significant industrial, raw and scientific and technical potential represents one of key economic branches of economy of republic. On its(her) share it is necessary more than 5 % of a total internal product and up to 12 % of production of the industry. Number borrowed(occupied) in branch - about 45 thousand person. With manufacture of chemical production it is borrowed(occupied) about 40 enterprises of branch, mainly with high technology and the big individual capacity of the units which are letting out production on quality, appropriate to the world standards.
Primary goal of branch is essential reduction of volumes of import of raw material by development of new kinds of production, with the purpose of achievement of raw independence by especially important kinds of production.
Achievement of an object in view assumes expansion of the nomenclature and increase of competitiveness of exported production, increase of an export potential of branch is provided due to use of local resources, realization of modernisation and reconstruction of working manufactures, creation of the joint enterprises with foreign partners and attraction of foreign investments.
The basis of present-day structure of branch is defined(determined), mainly, with the advanced manufacture of mineral fertilizers, first of all nitric and phosphoric on which share it is necessary more than half of gross output of branch. The accelerated rates last years manufacture and processing of synthetic materials and polymers, and also manufacture of the consumer goods develops.
The government of republic authorizes the developed(unwrapped) Program of complex development of the enterprises of the chemical industry of republic for 1998-2002 years. The important feature of the accepted Program is that the prevailing part of investment projects will be carried out by wide attraction of foreign investments and capitals under a guarantee of the Government of republic.
Performance of this program will allow to increase manufacture of chemical production as a whole on branch more than in 3 times (approximately about 400 million dollars. USA in 1997г. up to 1,2-1,3 billion US dollars in 2002), including on the involved objects and manufactures - up to 5 times. Thus export of production on branch will increase about 51 million US dollars in 1997 up to more than 600 million US dollars in 2002, and. Annual volume импортозамещения - according to 29 up to 290 million dollars. USA. The branch structure of the chemical industry essentially(much) will change. Densities of release of new kinds of production amounts to about 40 percents. At absolute growth of release of mineral fertilizers their share in structure of manufacture of branch now has decreased to 60-65 % and the further decrease(reduction) up to 45 - 47 % by 2002 is provided.
The Program includes 23 investment projects a total cost more than 3,5 billion US dollars which realization is planned to be carried out due to attraction of foreign investments in volume more than 2 billion US dollars and up to 1,5 billion US dollars in national currency.
Creation of a raw-material base for steady development of the chemical industry and other branches of a national economy is stipulated to carry out due to end of construction till 2002, the largest in Central Asia Кунградского of a soda factory which will decide not only a problem of full maintenance of needs(requirements) of republic, but also export to other countries кальцинированной and каустической soda, table salt.
Second-order construction Кызылкумского of phosphoritic combine is called to solve a problem of creation of an own reliable raw-material base for manufacture of phosphoric fertilizers and full satisfaction in them of needs(requirements) of republic for the nearest two years.
Development Тюбегатанского of a deposit of potash salts by 2002-2003 years will allow to provide an agriculture of republic and the countries of the Central Asia with potash fertilizers of a domestic production. Development of the feasibility report on the project, which cost makes 187 million dollars. USA (without charges on financing), it is executed by French group " Софремин ".
Manufacture of phosphoric fertilizers will develop with use of technology of nitrate decomposition of phosphates. Creation of manufactures фосфороорганических connections is provided on the basis of deep processing Кызылкумских of phosphorites. In these purposes realization of radical reconstruction and modernization of working manufactures of the Samarkand chemical plant and Алмалыкского production association "Аммофос" is planned.
The program provides radical reconstruction and modernization of the enterprises of the nitric industry - production associations " Fergana Nitrogen ", " Навои Nitrogen " "Электрохимпром".
The major direction of the concept is development of manufacture of chemical means of protection of plants domestic формуляции. The opportunity of manufacture of various kinds формуляции exists on joint-stock company " joint venture - Электрохимзавод " (. Навои).
Also development of new kinds of chemical production as bases for realization of structural and technological changes in the chemical industry is provided. Cellulose, first of all, concern to them the organization of manufacture каустической soda, chlorine, a hydrochloric acid, disinfectants, fibres and strings chemical, from линта, меламина, paint and varnish materials etc.
In a package of perspective development of branch there are technical both offers on preparation and realizations within the nearest 10 years some more several large investment projects with a tentative estimation of their cost more than in 2,5 billion dollars. USA.

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