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Хлопкоочистительная the industry
Хлопкоочистительная the industry Хлопкоочистительную the industry of Uzbekistan make 128 хлопкоочистительных factories, more than 550 procuring items(points), 14 эксперементально-mechanical factories and 21 self-supporting enterprise. The industrial base of branch provides acceptance and storage of raw material, his(its) processing and shipment of finished goods, and also preparation of sowing seeds, switching them протравку. The industrial potential of association " Узхлопкопромсбыт " allows to accept from facilities(economy) and to process annually more than 6 million tons of a clap - сырца, to prepare in necessary quantity(amount) for sowing seeds. Хлопкоперерабатывающие factories are equipped with the present-day process equipment providing reception of a clap(cotton) - high quality fibres. In branch it is maintained about 60 thousand units of the various equipment, 75 thousand electric motors of various capacity, 1260 power(force) transformers. Extent of internal cable and network lines makes about 4 thousand kms, internal and external networks warmly and water supply - about 400 kms, the enterprises have branch lines, to warehouses, the ground areas. The program of technical reequipment, reconstruction and construction of new factories of branch is developed. She(it) provides replacement morally and physically worn out equipment on 14 working хлопкозаводах, including on 5 of them - till 2000; construction of 8 new factories; reconstruction of 7 working both consignment warehouses and construction of the same quantity(amount); reequipment working and construction of 6 new heating shops for preparation of seeds for sowing. For realization of the program 12,6 billion сумов and 39 million dollars is required roughly. USA, including: on reequipment and reconstruction 7 billion сумов and 11 million dollars, on construction about 3 billion сумов and 20 million dollars. USA on construction and reconstruction of warehouses 2 billion сумов and 3 million dollars. USA, for construction of heating shops 500 million сумов, on purchase of instrument equipment for all branch - 100 million сумов and 5 million dollars. USA. The listed works on reequipment of the enterprises can be successfully realized within 1998-2008 by forces of machine-building factories of republic which are included in association " Узмашпром " and, in particular, by corporation " Узбекхлопкомаш ", on the basis of attraction of foreign investments and creation of joint ventures on release of new machines and reequipment of the enterprises of association " Узхлопкопромсбыт ". Corporation Uzbekhlopokmash incorporates 8 machine-building factories and the special design office, providing release practically the nomenclature of the equipment for хлопкоочистительной. For the enterprises of branch хлопкопереработки by corporation it is developed and it is produced 62 types of the equipment from which 45 correspond(meet) to the world standards. Last years were it is developed 18 models of the new equipment appropriate to a world(global) level. The developed complexes allow to raise(increase) productivity хлопкозавода up to 5 tons at one o'clock to finish cleaning effect up to 98,5 %, to raise(increase) a time between failures till 135, to finish power consumption on 1 ton of a clap - fibre up to 160 kw. And the charge of fuel till 0,16, having finished cost of a complex of the equipment of a factory up to 2 million US dollars. Introduction of new machines and the equipment will provide annual economic benefit on one однобатарейный хлопкозавод at a rate of 70-73 thousand dollars. USA.
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