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Processing of agricultural production
Processing of agricultural production

The agriculture has extensive resource base which basis is made with production of agriculture and animal husbandry. Makes wide assortment food and articles of food - fruit-and-vegetable canned food, juices drinks, vegetable oils, мясомолочные articles.
On total manufacture of vegetable oil the republic is included into number 20 of world manufacturers, letting out, basically cotton oil (the tenth part of world production).
Uzbekistan is one of the largest in the world of manufacturers of tomato - paste, raisin, dried fruits which have unique flavouring qualities. Entering in the first five of world manufacturers of tomato - paste and in ten manufacturer of dried fruits, the republic imports ketchups and seasonings on bases of tomato - paste. Export of dried fruits is low.
Having significant raw potential for winemaking, republic on manufacture grape the fault per capita concedes to world(global) leaders - to France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the states about much smaller traditions of winemaking. Making a grapes it is twice more, than Algeria and Morocco, Uzbekistan develops much less fault, than these countries.
Manufacture of dairy and meat production in republic concedes среднемировому to a level.
Associations " Узплодоовощвинпром ", "Масложиртабакпром", "Узпищепром" develop programs on increase эффeктивнocти complexes on the basis of introduction of the newest technologies, the equipment with attraction of foreign investments and creations of joint ventures.
Provided measures are directed on complex development of fruit-and-vegetable growing, картофелеводста, viniculture and winemaking, семеноводства, мясомолочной branches so that in the nearest years not only considerably to raise(increase) quality and to increase volumes of manufacture but also to expand export of the let out production appropriate to the international standards.
It is planned to raise(increase) productivity овощебахчевых cultures, fruits and a grapes, in view of repeated crops, with 204 ц/га up to 240 ц/га and to finish total manufacture by 2000 up to 4055 thousand т against 3580 thousand т in 1995. Without essential increase of areas under crops it is planned to finish manufacture бахчевых by 2000 up to 600 thousand т.
The increase of manufacture of a grapes with 800 thousand т up to 1300 thousand т in 2005 is provided.
Manufacture of a potato is planned for finishing in 2005 up to 1500 thousand т, including on export - 8 thousand т.
The basic gain of production will be provided due to improvement of agrotechnical actions, application of present-day means of mechanization, fertilizers and means of protection of plants, introduction высокоштамбовой cultures of a grapes, landing(planting) of especially valuable grades, improvements семеноводства a potato, realization of industrial specialization of facilities(economy) in view of a zone of agriculture and salinity почв.
The increase of manufacture, improvement of quality of production and application of new technologies of processing and packing will allow to increase for this period export бахчевых with 5,0 up to 15 thousand т, a grapes with 33,8 thousand т. Up to 48 thousand т to finish export fault up to 0,4 million decalitres, champagne - up to 0,8 million bottles, cognac - 23 thousand decalitres. On export new kinds of production will be delivered: mashed potatoes the concentrated juices and syrups, tinned fruit and many other things.
Realization of the program of development of branch is provided to be carried out due to modernisation, reconstruction available and constructions of new manufactures, with attraction of preferential foreign credits, creation of joint ventures on the basis of use of a present-day hardware and introduction "know-how".
For creation of the steady raw-material base providing with high-quality production of the enterprise, developing competitive production (juices, tomato - paste, fault branded, dry and aerated, cognacs, vodka, fruit-and-vegetable canned food) creation of specialized farms агрофирм etc. with use of experience of foreign partners in the agricultural technician, selection work, семеноводстве etc is provided.
By way of realization of the planned program by association " Узплодоовощвинпром " it is planned to carry out 13 investment projects on processing fruit-and-vegetable production and 8 projects - on manufacture сельхозпродукции, that will allow to increase annual export of production not less than by 40 million dollars. USA
The volume of investments for realization of the planned projects amounts to, on a tentative estimation, 550-600 million dollars. USA.
Association " Узмясомолпром " it is planned to carry out more than 25 projects that will provide release of new kinds of production, such as firm cheeses, yoghurt, ice-cream, sausage articles in the packed kind, плавленых cheeses and oil in fine packing etc. the General(common) financial expenses for realization of the program are estimated in 27 - 30 million dollars. USA.
Realization of projects will allow to increase for two years volume of manufacture almost in 10 times. Except for decrease(reduction) of import expenses which are estimated in 72-85 million dollars. USA will be provided export of production on 10-12 million dollars. USA that guarantees high efficiency of the future investments in development of this branch.
The important condition in realization of planned projects is presence of a network of the specialized manufactures on manufacture of meat and milk.
For the accelerated realization of the planned program, the association invites foreign partners which now in investment of this branch take rather modest place. Italian firm " Нексуна " and turkish "Аласка" are going to take part in creation of manufactures on release of ice-cream.
Attraction of widely known foreign partners as investors and co-founders of joint ventures will allow, besides application of new technologies to use their opportunities on realization of production on a foreign market.

Fruit-and-vegetable branch
Climatic conditions of Uzbekistan to make wide fruit-and-vegetable production and a grapes.
Uzbekistan long since славится unsurpassed to taste and aroma apples, peaches and pears, a sweet cherry and plum, a quince and a grapes. Such valuable subtropical cultures as a fig, a pomegranate, a persimmon here grow. Uzbekistan is rich the big variety of grades of melons and water-melons.
Especially intensively for last 20 years vegetable growing, melon growing, gardening and viniculture developed in republic. For this time of the area of plantings(spreadings) of gardens and vineyards total harvesting of fruit, berries and a grapes - more than twice have increased almost twice, and. Nowadays annually in republic 5 million tons овощебахчевых cultures and a potato is made 1 million 700 thousand tons of production of gardening and viniculture.
For satisfaction of needs(requirements) of the population of republic in fruit-and-vegetable production and a grapes, there is enough half of what to be made annually in republic.
With increase of volumes of manufacture creation of capacities on their processing began, factories on manufacture of fruit-and-vegetable canned food, items(points) of initial winemaking and factories on manufacture виноматериалов, grape fault and ликероводочных articles were under construction. Thus, the industrial basis for creation of manufactures on release of fruit-and-vegetable canned food and a wine of vodka articles was incorporated, and for realization in this branch of a uniform technical politics and its(her) further development she(it) is included in structure of the food-processing industry of republic.
In branch the enterprises of a different pattern of ownership operate. Now the fruit-and-vegetable complex of republic functions in the form of Republican company " Узплодоовощвинпромхолдинг " and regional associations "Мевасабзавот". Regional associations are included into conducting regional хокимиятов.
Company " Узплодоовощвинпромхолдинг " is founded in the form of open joint-stock company. In structure of the company are included on a voluntary basis 27 специализрованных firms on preparation, storage, processing and realization of fruit-and-vegetable production and a grapes, 40 processing, 89 agricultural and 15 joint ventures.
The company is engaged in a deepening of processes of a privatization of forms, agroindustrial integration and cooperation, realization of a uniform technical and investment politics, introduction of advanced agrotechnical technologies, modernization and technical reequipment of the enterprises for release экспортоориентированной production, in view of the selective approach to quality of made raw material and local traditions of agriculture
The company in the activity attachs great importance to attraction of foreign investments, including, by means of creation of joint ventures and the foreign enterprises, to realization of marketing researches of the internal and external markets, maintenance of the international popularity to trade marks of production, increase of volume of export production.
At factories present-day import lines on manufacture, flood, drying and packing of production are established.
The big value is given to orientation of production made on export. In this direction the company conducts teamwork with separate firms of Germany, France, Switzerland, USA, Israel, Italy, India, Poland and other countries.
The program stipulates the nearest 2-3 years finishing of manufacture of fruit-and-vegetable production and a grapes up to 7,1 million tons from which 500-550 thousand tons annually are planned for delivering in a fresh kind on export. There is an opportunity of realization on export up to 6 thousand tons of dried fruit-and-vegetable production and a grapes.
At the same time, the available industrial potential and rich raw opportunities of fruit-and-vegetable branch are used insufficiently, and it speaks, first of all, absence of necessary quantity(amount) тароупаковочных the materials appropriate to the international standards, a physical and moral deterioration of the equipment, lack present-day technologies.
The company sees a way out in realization of modernization, modernisation of the enterprises of branches due to attraction of advanced foreign technologies and foreign investments.
So, 1996 in branch it was invested 12,5 million dollars. USA, 1997 one million dollars. USA, and in 1998 of the investment amount to about 60 million dollars. USA.
In the activity on attraction of investments the company is guided by the Republican Investment program providing realization of modernization and modernisation of the industrial and agricultural enterprises of branch due to realization of investment projects on a total sum 273 million дол. USA.
The given projects are guided on purchase of the advanced process equipment for manufacture of the natural concentrated juices, manufactures and асептической to packing of tomato paste, manufacture of food spirit, container and тароупаковочных materials, manufacture of the dried and frozen fruit, vegetables etc. production.
Масложировая and the food-processing industry
With a view of increase of manufacture of foodstuff and saturation of the consumer market by articles of food own производствабыли associations " Масложиртабакпром " and "Пищепром" are formed.
Association " Масложиртабакпром " is responsible for manufactures of non-polluting and qualitative kinds масложировой production and tobacco articles, introduction of present-day equipment, technology and the best practices for the organization of without waste manufacture.
The structure of association includes 19 масложировых the enterprises, a skilled - mechanical factory on manufacture of the non-standard equipment and spare parts, 2 private concerns, 4 joint ventures, and also a number of the nonindustrial organizations specializing on design and starting-up and adjustment works, rendering of services.
Manufacture is based on processing of local agricultural raw material: technical seeds of a clap(cotton), косточкового and семечкового raw material, beans of a soya etc.
The basic kinds of production are refined oil, an economic and toilet soap, маргариновая production, glycerin, cotton шрот.
Capacities of the enterprises of association are designed for processing of olive raw material of 3605,8 thousand tons in year, development(manufacture) of a laundry soap - 102,7 thousand tons per one year, a toilet soap - 16,2 thousand tons per one year, маргариновой production - 52,4 of thousand tons per one year, mayonnaise - 2,0 thousand tons per one year.
In 1995-1997гг. partial replacement of park of the operative equipment of the enterprises of branch is carried out(spent).
Realization of structural reorganization in branch have allowed on 168,3 %, and packaging of vegetable oil has increased on 103,6 %. The carried out(spent) reconstruction on joint-stock company " Ташмаргег " with installation of packing automatic devices of new generation has allowed to adjust release of the packaged mayonnaise.
For the account of deeper processing of olive raw material the additional quantity(amount) of vegetable oil is received, and from waste products of manufacture the whole assortment of new kinds of production is developed: antifreeze, a brake liquid, a liquid soap, drying oil, оксоль, casein dairy, пальмитиновые fat acids, glycerin and фармакопейные oils.
In 1998-2000 association it is planned to carry out modernization and modernisation of the enterprises, and also expansion and introduction of processes of deeper processing of vegetable oil and accompanying products with attraction of foreign investments.
As a result of actions it is planned to increase by 2000 manufacture of vegetable oil deodorized in the packaged kind from 4,6 thousand tons up to 40 thousand tons. In this period reconstruction of three creameries, construction of preparatory shops on масложировых the enterprises in Tashkent, Kokand, Асаке is planned.
On Кокандском масложиркомбинате introduction of new technology of a straight line экстракции oils is provided. On Fergana масложиркомбинате construction of a factory on manufacture of a toilet soap and reception of glycerin from sewage of soap-producing manufacture will be completed. On a number of the enterprises installation дезодорационного the equipment and lines of packaging of oil is provided.. Creation of joint ventures on manufacture of new kinds of production Is supposed: shampoos, food aromatic additives, spirit, packaging of spices, to pouring of mineral waters. Reconstruction of tobacco manufactures will be finished.
As a whole for the period of 1998-2000 of an expense on realization of the program of development масложировой branches amount to 52,1 million dollars. USA. Expenses for development of the tobacco industry amount to 91,5 million dollars. USA.
Association " Пищепром " solves questions of the organization of manufacture of confectionery articles, tea, beer, soft drinks and other foodstuff, providing saturation of the consumer market of republic by articles of food, expansions of trade and economic relations with foreign countries.
The structure of association includes 34 managing subjects, including 24 industrial enterprises, and also supplying, design and building associations.
Capacities of association make on confectionery articles - 83,9 thousand tons, on manufacture of beer - 6,0 million decalitres, to soft drinks - 25,9 million decalitres, mineral water - 90,15 one million bottles per one year.
With the purpose of modernisation of the enterprises of branch, reduction of import of food production and development of export opportunities, the association develops the program of development of branch for the period till 2000.
Realization of 24 investment projects including construction of new factories on release of beer, confectionery articles, installation of technological lines on pouring mineral water, soft drinks is provided. Thus it is provided to finish release of confectionery articles up to 90 thousand tons in 2000, soft drinks - up to 35,6 million decalitres, beer 25,4 - one million decalitres.
The need(requirement) for capital investments for realization of the program makes 92,7 million dollars. USA.
Realization of the program will allow to increase by 2000 an export potential up to 100,9 million dollars. USA.

Мясомолочная branch
Association " Узмясомолпром " is created in 1993 on the basis of the former ministry мясомолочной the industries of a Republic, associations and the enterprises for preparation and откорму animals.
Into structure of association enter 22 мясоперерабатывающих and more than 150 cattle-breeding facilities(economy) on откорму cattle.
Meat-packing plants and dairy factories have a network procuring and молокоприемных items(points) in all areas of republic, 150 комиссионно-procuring and trading societies and 118 молокоприемных items(points).
At association the финансово-investment company, association of foreign trade activities and a number of the firms engaged in export-import transactions are created.
In system is more than 3500 motor vehicles, tractors and combines, in using is 86 thousand hectares of the grounds. The specialized cattle-breeding facilities(economy) contain more than 170 thousand heads of large and 75 thousand heads of fine horned livestock.
At all factories of association there are buildings adequate(answering) to present-day requirements and the constructions having ramified communications, there is qualified personnel of engineers, technologists, техников and workers.
The association develops the program on increase of manufacture мясомолочной production the nearest years twice. For this purpose it is planned to solve problems with change of the out-of-date process equipment.
Last years the association will carry out(spend) works on development of branch. Six operate joint with foreign firms and the companies of the enterprises for manufacture of juices and drinks, мороженного and a canned meat. In a stage of creation three more enterprises for manufacture of yoghurt and other dairy products.
Taking into account the big need(requirement) of republic for yoghurt, fruit concentrates for which release there is significant source of raw materials - apples, peaches, grapes, melons, water-melons, the non-polluting water having a great demand in the Central Asia and Russia, manufacture плавленых cheeses and the animal oil, packaged in fine packing, and also in мороженном and sausage articles, the children's dairy products, the sterilized milk, in milk with various ароматизаторами the association has prepared about 30 investment projects for their realization till 2005.
The program of development of branch stipulates replacement of the obsolete equipment that will allow to provide manufacture of the competitive goods in the world market. For realization of the program attraction of foreign investments and credits to the amount 25,1 million dollars is provided. USA.
The organization of these manufactures will allow to receive by 2000 economy of currency means in the sum 213 million dollars. USA and to organize output on export for the sum 13 million dollars. USA.

Manufacture of bakeries
Государственно - joint-stock corporation " Узхлебопродукт " is formed in 1994 for maintenance of purchases, storage, processing of a grain and production and uninterrupted supply of the population by bread and bakeries.
The structure of corporation includes 283 structural economic units. From them 118 open joint-stock companies, 12 - branches, 63 - the collective enterprises, 49 - private, 3 - joint ventures with participation of the foreign capital, 4 societies сограниченной the responsibility, 34 - the state enterprises.
Now the corporation has storehouses of grains on 3 million tons of a grain. The corporation plans construction the nearest 3-4 years of covered capacities for 800,0 thousand tons of a grain everyone with working cleaning complexes.
In the flour-grinding industry of corporation 54 mills with daily productivity from 50 up to 500 tons per day, the general(common) capacity of mills from above 3 million tons in one year of development(manufacture) of a flour function.
Крупяная the industry has 13 factories with daily productivity from 30 up to 360 tons, the general(common) capacity of 296,5 thousand tons of production.
Комбикормовая the industry of branch has capacities on release more than 3 million tons of mixed fodders for all types of agricultural animals, birds and a fish.
The baking industry includes 183 enterprises, capacity makes about 3 thousand tons in days Corporation the long-term program of technical reequipment and development of the mill enterprises by the advanced foreign equipment which will allow to let out competitive production is developed. Besides on the basis of attraction of foreign investments it is planned to organize the enterprises for manufacture of various kinds of semifinished items from a flour, food additives with packaging in a retail container at the enterprises.
The program provides to carry out till 2000 construction 4 мельзаводов in various areas of republic to create 8 manufactures on release of macaroni articles, 9 enterprises for release of confectionery articles, including for manufacture of cookies for children of patients with an anemia, reconstruction 9 комбикормовых manufactures and to organize manufactures on release премиксов for комбикормовой branches.
The general need(requirement) for investments is estimated in the sum about 22 million dollars. USA.
Realization of the program will allow the enterprises of corporation, alongside with traditional products from a flour пшеницы and neigh to develop new macaroni, baking, confectionery articles which both on quality, and on assortment, will correspond(meet) to the world standards. Improvement of quality and expansions of assortment крупяной production, комбикормовоый production, macaroni and bakery articles is stipulated.

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