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The industry of building materials
The industry of building materials The industry of building materials is a key economic branch of a building complex of a Republic of Uzbekistan. For manufacture of the basic kinds of building materials - cement to exhaust, plaster, marble and granite plates, wall materials etc. - the republic is provided with an own source of raw materials, the enterprises have sufficient capacities. The branch unites the enterprises for manufacture: The cement, knitting materials and articles on their basis with capacities on cement - 6451 thousand tons, to plaster - 188 thousand tons to exhaust - 601 thousand tons, to slate - 580 thousand conditional plates per one year; Facing articles from a natural stone with annual capacity 321 thousand sq. m; Various kinds of wall materials, capacity 742 million pieces усл. Bricks per one year; Special kinds of building materials, capacity on soft кровле - 143 million sq. m, to linoleum - 4300 thousand sq. m, to glass building - 13,3 million sq. m, плитки ceramic all kinds - 1650 thousand sq. m and baths of 250 thousand pieces per one year. With a view of expansion of export base, импортозамещения and increases of export of goods the Program of development of the industry of building materials till 2000 is developed. The program will allow to provide growth of export of building materials by 2000 in 3,8 times (up to 62 million US dollars) in comparison with 1996. Modernisation and creation of joint ventures, increase of volumes of release of new kinds of building materials is stipulated, including on the basis of a local source of raw materials. There will be changes and in structure of export. The share of cement will decrease up to 57 %, and special building materials will increase up to 43 %. It will be mastered 30 kinds of production new to republic, the part from which will go on export. According to the Program, since 1999, production in addition focused on export - ceramic плитка facing and figured articles from a marble, the sanitary engineering of the raised(increased) comfort from полимермрамора will be issued. On joint-stock company " Навоицемент " due to development Алтынтауского of a deposit каолина by 2000 it is planned to construct factory on enrichment каолина capacity of 100 thousand tons in year and a factory on manufacture шамотных огнеупоров, capacity of 60 thousand tons. By joint-stock company " Бухарастройматериалы " it is planned to increase volume of manufacture of plaster up to 150 thousand tons per one year and to organize manufacture of sound-proof plates for furnish of ceilings, capacity 100 sq. m per one year, and also plaster partitions. For significant improvement of quality of let out production, reduction of volumes of import republic of articles сантехкерамики, it is planned for joint-stock company " Кулол " to lead(carry out) modernisation separate переделов manufactures of sanitary ceramics with finishing capacity up to 250 thousand pieces per one year. Thus experience of manufacture of this production in conducting countries of the world is used. On manufacture of articles from polymers joint-stock company " Стройпластмасс ", making linoleum, cast articles from plastic, a polyethylene pellicle, pipes etc specializes. Manufacture of soft roofing materials (roofing material, изол, пергамин) is carried out on joint-stock company " Uzbek combine of roofing rolled materials ". General capacity of manufacture of roofing materials on the basis of a cardboard - 143 million sq. m, and also изола - 10 million sq. m per one year. The further development of manufacture is provided due to development of new kinds soft roofing наплавляемых битумополимерных materials on a synthetic basis. The program of development of branch creation of manufacture of heating radiators by capacity of 200 thousand kw by 2000 is planned. Manufacture of empties is carried out on joint-stock company " quartz " which capacities make on empties canning - 220 million pieces, bottles - 90 million pieces per one year. It is in the long term planned to lead(carry out) modernisation for the organization of manufacture per one year 100 million pieces of the bottles which are meeting the requirements of the international standards and also to establish lines of packing of empties in термоусадочную a pellicle. It is planned to organize on existing capacities of manufacture of automobile glasses capacity of 200 thousand complete sets per one year. On manufacture of a window pane the joint-stock company " Газалкент ойна " for which a perspective direction is the organization of enrichment of quartz sand and their extraction specializes also. The Republic of Uzbekistan has the big stocks of a natural stone various расцветок, including 20 deposits of a marble, 15 - a granite and габбро, 1 - травертина and limestones, 2 - туфа and sandstone. Оющие stocks exceed 85 million cube. M that will enable to provide with raw material камнеобрабатывающие the enterprises on tens years. Uzbekistan is one of large manufacturers of articles from a marble and a granite among the countries of the CIS (over 700 thousand sq. m of plates) Recently measures on reequipment of working enterprises by the present-day equipment as demand for facing and figured articles from a natural stone constantly grows are undertaken. Within the framework of the Program modernisation and creation of joint ventures on 10 manufactures of branch on камнедобыче and камнеобработке is stipulated.
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