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Agricultural mechanical engineering
Agricultural mechanical engineering

In republic the problem(task) is put - in the radical image to change position in an agriculture to transform it(him) into present-day, highly technological and highly effective branch, to achieve sharp increase of efficiency of agrarian sector.

For this purpose the agriculture will need completely new equipment, high-efficiency and effective, convenient in operation and service, reliable and durable, малозатратная in the manufacture, taking place on a level of the best world(global) samples.

To satisfy these requirements of an agriculture, it is necessary for branch to lead(carry out) modernization of all park of tractors and сельхозмашин to adjust release of new equipment. This problem(task) is assigned to the holding company " Узсельхозмаш-holding " uniting 15 enterprises and associated participants сельхозмашиностроения.

For the accelerated decision of these problems(tasks) to the enterprises and the design organizations of holding company " Узсельхозмаш-holding " the following problems(tasks) are defined:

1. The organization of manufacture of engines, high-efficiency tractors, machines and the equipment for cultivation and cleaning of grain crops and a cotton.

2. Modernization of domestic machines with use in their designs of progressive elements of foreign analogues.

Development new and modernization serial сельхозмашин covers practically all complex of equipment for a plowed land, preseeding processing of ground, crop сельхозкультур, pest control of plants, cultivation and harvesting, including equipment domestic сельхозмашин for work in the unit with tractors of firm " Кейс ".

3. Creation of joint ventures with advanced foreign firms, alongside with development at the first stage of assembly of engines, tractors and agricultural machines, provides the further localization of manufacture of details and units of this equipment.

Projects of modernisation take root on all leading enterprises of branch and all of them are directed on creation of conditions for release of present-day agricultural machinery in necessary for an agriculture and the world market to the nomenclature, to necessary terms and high quality.

Ultimate goal of modernisation of the enterprises as component of a uniform technical politics of holding is an equipment of an agricultural production by present-day equipment and the technology, constructed on the basis of multinomenclature lines and streams and as result - sharp rise of an export potential of branch.

Other major problems(tasks) of the enterprises and the organizations of "Узсельхозмаш-holding" are defined by special programs of industrial production of spare parts and working bodies for purchased abroad сельхозмашин, with the purpose of increase of their operational reliability and creation of base for realization of capital regenerative works in republic, expansions of investment cooperation of holding company " Узсельхозмаш-holding " with foreign firms.

For performance of these problems(tasks) by the holding company and its(her) enterprises it is developed 26 investment programs on modernisation of factories, preparation of manufacture and localization of manufacture of articles for 1998.

Realization of investment programs of the holding company during 1998-2000 will allow to raise(increase) a technological level of manufacture to introduce flexible advanced foreign technologies, the present-day process equipment.

All this taken together, will allow to provide release of tractors present-day, competitive and focused on export, engines, and complexes многорядных сельхозмашин for mechanization of cultivation of various cultures, transport and loading means to organize and expand technical service and repair of agricultural machinery at a present-day level, to increase export of agricultural machinery and to reduce its(her) delivery in republic.

Within the framework of development of branch at the enterprises of company " Узсельхозмаш-holding " creation of 136 names of the new and modernized machines is stipulated, allowing to reduce import of agricultural machinery republic.

Association of the enterprises of mechanical engineering "Узмашпром"

The Uzbek association of the enterprises of mechanical engineering "Узмашпром" is created in 1994. Today the association unites more than 36 enterprises and the organizations of a various pattern of ownership, including, such as joint-stock company " Узбекхиммаш ", Corporation " Узбекхлопкомаш ", joint-stock company " lift ", joint-stock company " compressor ", joint-stock company " СТМ ", joint-stock company " Сино " etc.

The enterprises of branch let out various machine-building production, first of all, the chemical equipment, турбокомпрессора, джинно-линтерное the equipment for хлопкоочистки, load-lifting cranes, latches of different updatings, diamond powders, metal-cutting tools and textile machines.

In branch it is borrowed(occupied) 12854 workers and employees.

Main principles and conditions of formation of foreign trade activities of the enterprises of association are development of competitive production in the world market, перепрофилирование export manufactures, and also their modernisation on the basis of present-day technologies.

For today in association two joint ventures operate:

"Uzbek - Винклер" (joint from Germany), lets out the equipment for small bakeries;

"Интерко-Супер" (together with USA), is engaged in release of diamond tools for polishing superfirm tools.

In branch (Turkey), "Кулькони", " Юнг Хайринг " (Germany), " Се Мюнг Metal ЛТД " (Korea), " Луммус corporation " (USA) etc is carried out nine large investment projects, including with such firms as "Арчелик", "Frames".

For increase of a technological level of the enterprises and maintenance of release focused on export competitive and импортозамещающей production in association the program of development till 2000 is developed.

The purposes its(her) purposes are:

- Creation of the favorable environment for manufacture and realizations of the most perspective goods in view of demand of the internal and external markets;

- Integration in world(global) economic communications, search new and preservation of available commodity markets of production;

- Preservation and development of the achieved boundaries of technical and technological equipment of the enterprises;

- Improvement of quality of "traditional" production of the enterprises, by natural reduction of volumes of release and replacement completing with their delivery from the advanced countries;

- Concentration of the capital for realization of target programs of technical arms, reconstruction of the enterprises and development of competitive production;

- Development new and modernization of existing kinds of production;

- Expansion and a deepening of communications with foreign partners, studying and introduction of advanced foreign experience:

- Opening representations on realization and service of production abroad for the enterprises of exporters of association.

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