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The airbuilding industry
Aviation production association of a name of V.Chkalova

-joint-stock " the Tashkent aviation production association of a name of V.Chkalova " - the large industrial complex equipped with the high technology, the high-efficiency equipment, with high culture of manufacture. Association is the only thing in the CIS the manufacturer of various updatings air cargo courts of Silts - 76. Over 900 winged machines of this type provide and now freight traffic on all continents of globe. During 25 years from the beginning of operation the plane of Silts - 76 was constantly modernized and the wide spectrum of his(its) updatings was created, each of which has the purpose(assignment). It And - 50 - the plane of radar-tracking patrol: Silt - 76 flying to command measuring item(point) the SKIP; Silt - 78; an aviation search and rescue complex of Silts - 76 ; the fire-prevention plane of Silts - 76 ; plane - hospital " scalpel " and ""; a simulator for cosmonauts of Silts - 76 ; Plane - retransmitter 65324 and the whole series of military - transport and civil variants of this machine. Today the enterprise lets out planes of mark of Silts - 76 () and Silt - 76 () . Key base model - the plane of Silts - 76 . Carrying capacity - 40 tons. Practical range of flight of 4800 kms. Has a number of the important advantages before foreign analogues: the plane is provided with the onboard control system, allowing to carry out flights in any weather conditions, has ability to land and fly up from earth runways, has the high aerodynamic characteristics, allowing to plant(put) the plane even at idle engines. It(he) can transport large-sized cargoes, including containers, thus loading and a unloading is carried out with the help of onboard mechanisms. The cargo compartment is tight, with a controlled temperature mode. Association provides customers with spare parts to earlier issued planes AN-8, -12, -22, Silt - 76 of all updatings, carries out guarantee both capital - regenerative repair and warranty service of Silts - 76 . The right on performance of capital - regenerative repair of planes such as Silts - 76 is supported with the certificate of the aviation register of Interstate aviation committee (POPPY). Last decade in sphere of aircraft construction on the foreground such factors, as profitability and comfortableness, including installation of engines with a high resource, the low charge of fuel and low parameters on noise, installation of the present-day ¿½«Ô᪡«-navigating equipment and adequate(answering) to the international standard were put forward. Together with the general developer of planes - the firm of Open Society " " in the Tashkent association creates the modernized plane of Silts - 76 with the fuselage lengthened on 6,6 meter, equipped new, past international certification , engines PS-90A-76 both the improved -technical and operational qualities. Now the plane passes certified tests which end is planned by the end of 1998. Between the government of a Republic of Uzbekistan and the government of the Russian Federation the agreement on the further cooperation is signed in the field of joint creation, a batch production of planes of Silts - 76, Silts - 78 and their updatings. The second direction is a batch production of the new passenger plane of Silts - 114 on 64 places and the developed on the basis of transport and passenger-and-freight variants. These the liner is characterized by simplicity of a design and high economic parameters of work on the ground and in air, including low charges on operation. The charge of fuel at him(it) twice is less, than at -24, on noise level the plane corresponds(meets) to international norms . In 1997 on Silt - 114 the certificate the validity is received. The plane serially is planned to let out since 1999. Cooperation with foreign firms on installation aboard the plane Silt - 114 of engines PW-127C of firm " ", Canada is stipulated. The enterprise undertakes measures on integration in the world community of airbuilders. The System of quality of manufacture, installation and service of plane production " is given in full conformity to requirements of international standard 1 9002:1994 ". Audit by the International bureau of certification and quality "" is carried out(spent). Procedure of certification is completed. The system of quality is approved. It allows to expand area of cooperation with conducting airbuilding companies, in particular, with firms " Boeing ", " ", " ", " Groups ", " " in manufacturing and designing of equipment on system D-9000 and also to lift a skill level of workers and experts of association up to requirements of the international standards. associations under the initiative of the government has created necessary conditions for successful -economic activities. 25 % of actions(shares) are on free sale, any company can redeem these securities and become the co-owner of the enterprise. It is already created joint-stock leasing company " " that creates additional conditions for escalating export deliveries of aviation equipment, formation and development of solvent demand for it(her). Within the framework of the international cooperation and cooperation, with a view of expansion and development of an export potential by association works on creation of joint venture on commercial transportations by planes of association, the organization of coproductions of radiators and shock-absorbers for automobiles " ", the organization of manufactures of disks of wheels for automobiles " " are conducted. Active search of the external investors, ready to invest capitals in the project of modernization of the plane of Silts - 114, Silts - 76 () is conducted. Sharing of opportunities, means, experience, knowledge of the various parties(sides) opens open space for cooperation between partners on all continents.

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