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Gold a sunflower seed of the Russian market (ММЦ "Moscow")

Gold a sunflower seed of the Russian market

The Russian market of vegetable oil today undergoes significant changes. It is necessary to note some of them:

Increase of manufacture of domestic oils

In Russia vegetative sunflower oils are made, mainly. The basic manufacturers of seeds of sunflower are Central Black Earth, Volga region, North Caucasian regions, Krasnodar, Stavropol, edges(territories), the Rostov area. Dynamics(changes) of total gathering for 1996-1999 years testifies to the tendency of growth of manufacture planned after long recession in 1999/2000.

In 2000 manufacture of seeds rapsa has increased, beans and sunflowers, that is are created good preconditions for development of the enterprises of the given area.

Development maslozhirovoj branches is available: many manufacturers establish new industrial lines and master progressive technologies for manufacture of qualitative production.

Manufacture of vegetable oil on expectations of experts of agrarian and Industrial investment company EFKO will increase in 2000 on 50 %, is especial due to growth of manufacture of sunflower oil. Even in the consumer market the usual buyer marks growth of quantity(amount) of domestic marks of vegetative sunflower oil in the market: " Don solar ", "Kuban", " Gold a sunflower seed ", "Kuban", " the Russian seeds ", "Large village", "Alenushka", "Petrovna", "Expance", "Antoshka", "Filevskoe", and many others. In general(common), today it is totaled about 200 domestic marks of sunflower oil whereas some years back their number hardly exceeded 2-nd ten.

Decrease(reduction) of rates of growth of import of sunflower oil

Growth of manufacture of domestic sunflower oil creates tactical difficulties in this direction for importers, therefore last two years rates of growth of import of sunflower oil are slowed down. A return situation in the market of soya oil.

Increase of a share of import soya and other kinds of vegetable oil

Despite of some growth of manufacture of seeds rapsa and beans, domestic manufacturers can satisfy a growing demand of the population on soya, rapsovomu and to the other kinds of vegetable oils. Therefore the significant share of this market is kept by import manufacturers.

Leaders in this market of mark "Olejna", "Ideal", "Gold", " Sunny Gold ", "Girol" and many others. Foreign manufacturers represent in the Russian market not only qualitative products, but also qualitative marks and their advertising support. Intensive advertising activity of foreign manufacturers of vegetative not sunflower oil in many respects has defined(determined) preferences of consumers.

Change of preferences of consumers

Though it is necessary to note growth of consumption of oil. And in the market of sunflower oil loses the positions not refined oil for the benefit of refined and deodorized. And also the tendency of increase of preferences of consumers on such positions of vegetable oil, as soya and rapsovoe is marked. According to large traders maslozhirovogo the market in the consumer market of the packed oils vegetative not sunflower oils start to prevail, is especial in retail points of cities.

Seasonal nature of a supply and demand

This parameter cannot be attributed(related) to modern lines but also to not tell about it(him) it is impossible.

The market of vegetable oils has strongly pronounced influence of the factor of seasonal prevalence: growth of demand and the prices of the offer in the winter - spring, growth of the offer and falling of the prices in the end a summer - autumn. Dynamics(changes) melkooptovyh the prices for production maslozhirovoj groups is reflected on the diagram below (given Systems MMTS).

Price tendencies of the packed vegetable oil

Average melkooptovye the prices on Russia for today:

  • On sunflower not refined domestic oil = 14,85 roubles for litre.

  • On sunflower refined domestic oil = 20,75 roubles for litre.

  • On vegetative import oil = 19,95 roubles for litre.

In comparison with the data of monitorings for June, the price for refined sunflower oil already exceeds a June level on 10 %, the price for vegetative import oil in comparison with years(summer) parameters has fallen on 20 %. This falling of the price, speaks increase of import deliveries of vegetable oil and, as consequence(investigation), growth of the offer.

The current quotations on 10-15 % are lower the packed vegetable oil, than the data of the similar period of the last year, and falling of the prices for a position of not refined sunflower domestic oil makes 20 % - partly, thanking growth of manufacture and the offer of domestic sunflower oils, and also, due to falling demand for not refined oils.

Knowing a seasonal nature of a supply and demand in the market of vegetable oils, we can assume the beginning of a stage of growth of market prices on maslozhirovuju production today. On diagrams short-term dynamics(changes) melkooptovyh the prices (given Systems MMTS) which besides the general(common) tendency of a rise in prices reflects also their jump at the end of November and small recession in December is submitted.

Operators of the market of vegetable oils expect the following wave of burst melkooptovyh the prices at the end of December, and connect it(him) to an excessive demand for food stuffs before New Year's holidays.

In the long-term plan, acknowledgement(confirmation) of forecasts of experts and growth of manufacture of domestic vegetable oil in 2000/2001 year is expected.

On materials of press and a database of System MMTS - ../Price/PriceReport.asp

Alena the native Land


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