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The dairy industry of Russia

The dairy industry of Russia

We shall begin a number(line) of the reviews devoted to a dairy theme with this article. But if subsequent articles will contain more detailed information on a price situation on separate dairy products in this introduction article the information will be reflected общеотраслевая, and also world(global) tendencies.

The world market of dairy production

In the world market of dairy production today it is possible to look after the following tendencies: - Falling of the prices for dry skim milk, for example, on data ABARE, today the medium prices change about 2100/ton whereas in the beginning of 2001 on Chicago commodity - raw stock exchange (ЧТБ) the price for dry skim milk changed from 2100 up to 2350 $. - Some increase of the prices at dry whole milk, due to growth of popularity of use of this product as raw material, the medium prices vary about 2100/ton, and by the beginning of 2001, the medium prices on ЧТБ changed from 1900 up to 2150 $ for ton. - Reduction of prices characterizes the world market of a butter – 1275/ton, in comparison with 1450-1560/ton on ЧТБ in the beginning of 2001.

Tentative estimation Минсельхоза the Russian Federation.

Volumes of import of dairy products to Russia it is reduced, on preliminary data Минсельхоза of Russia in 2001, volumes of import have decreased in 2,6 times, partly due to reduction in 2001 of deliveries субсидированного dry milk from Europe (rice. 1). Have changed not only volumes, but also structure of import: volumes of import of dairy products of their countries of distant foreign countries were considerably reduced, and up to 4 times volumes of import from the countries of the CIS have increased.

Industrial potential of Russia

Raw material for manufacture of all so wide today assortments of dairy production is, certainly, milk. Therefore we shall consider the data on manufacture of milk in Russia (fig. 2.). As we already know, on tentative estimations of experts Minsel'hoza of the Russian Federation, import of milk Russia the past 2001 was reduced in 2,1 times. But positive tendencies in sphere of a domestic production were planned: manufacture of milk in Russia has increased in comparison with 2000 by 1,8 %, coming nearer to parameters of 1998 (rice 2).

The data Goskomstat of the Russian Federation.

But in the field of a domestic production of milk have changed in turn not only volumes, but also structure of manufacture as facilities(economy) (fig. 3.).

The data Goskomstat of the Russian Federation.

For example, in comparison with a situation for 1995, in 1999 the share of manufacture of milk с/х the enterprises has decreased as a whole on Russia on 8,5 % whereas the share of the milk made by facilities(economy) of the population has increased by 8,2 %, and farms – on 1,6 %. In 2000/01 this tendency proceeded.

Have increased the last year and such с/х a parameter, as надой milk on 1 cow (rice. 4).

The data Goskomstat of the Russian Federation.

In 2001 надой milk on one cow has increased in comparison with 2000 on 9,2 %, and has reached(achieved) a level of 1991. The increase of this parameter characterizes a quantum leap of development of a dairy direction с/х in Russia, and consequently, and positive influence on all domestic dairy industry as a whole.

Consumption of dairy products by Russians and more detailed price tendencies will be considered in the following articles continuing the present subjects.

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