News from 07/23/2002 (IMC "Tashkent" - "Favorit-Inform" Ltd.)
CENTRAL ASIA: Tashkent and Bishkek will be centres-friends
On the last Saturday and Sunday, July, 21-22, representatives ММЦ "Tashkent - Moscow" have visited Bishkek (Kirghizstan) where have met colleagues from ММЦ "Bishkek - Moscow", one of the youngest and perspective centres of System MMTS.

During two-hour conversation with general director ММЦ "Bishkek - Moscow" Alexey Tanaevym and executive director Nazgul' Dzhamakeevoj discussed questions and directions of close cooperation and mutual support at realization of projects in the Central Asian region. We shall note, that the centres had already time to execute teamwork (" Presentation marketing ") for the company - the manufacturer of the medical equipment from Bishkek, preliminary consulting work for the company from Russia on promotion of vegetable oil in Kirghizstan and Uzbekistan.
Besides at a meeting the set other, already оконкретизированных questions was discussed also.

Further, Тимур Аблаев, Edward Kim, Alexey Tanaev and Назгуль Джамакеева have made a memorable photo which under comic partly inscription "Центральноазиатские" children of "System MMTS" will borrow(occupy) a place of honour in archival albums of the given centres.

Having finished with a business part of the visit, representatives ММЦ "Tashkent - Moscow" also have visited on Issyk Kul, mountain "pearl" of Kirghizia.

(Press-service MMTS " Tashkent - Moscow ")